Son gives father a kidney

Lewistown local saves his dad from rare disease

LEWISTOWN –Kenneth (Kenny) Hatter Jr. was faced with a decision no one of us ever imagines until it happens to us.

His father — Kenneth (Ken) Hatter Sr. — was diagnosed with Wegeners disease about six years ago — a rare illness that caused him renal failure, which has required him to be on dialysis for the last four or five years.

Kenny Hatter Jr., of Lewistown, recalls watching his father’s quality of life decline as they sought help through a few different hospitals to get him on a transplant list for a new kidney. They eventually ended up at The John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland where a doctor discussed the potential for acquiring a living donor such as a family member that would be a match.

While he was told there was not a high probability that he would be a match, Kenny Hatter Jr. said he felt compelled to get tested.

The testing is a very extensive process but they learned that he was a match and could donate a kidney to his father.

Putting his career on hold and all his focus on helping his father get his life back became his priority.

The surgery was done at Johns Hopkins and was successful.

While Kenny did face some complications, they came through the surgery safely and are on a long journey to recovery.

Kenny said he has experienced great joy at seeing his father have the chance to get off dialysis and get back to living. He is so thankful to his mom, Tina, and brother, Chris, and all the other family and friends who did so much to offer prayers, strength and support through the process.

Donating a kidney to his father brought him such happiness he hopes that his story will inspire others to consider organ donation.

When asked how he felt about all this Kenny’s father, Ken said, “I’m overwhelmed that he would take time to consider me to give a piece of himself, literally a piece of himself, to me to save my life. It’s a great gift and I am so thankful for it.”

Those interested in donating can learn more at www.organdonor.gov to learn more.


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