Planning Commission talks development plan

Ordinance details construction of new local electrical substation

LEWISTOWN–Members of the Mifflin County Planning Commission met Thursday afternoon to discuss a subdivision and land development ordinance that was tabled during their last meeting.

The submitted plan came from Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Inc., located in Wayne Township and detailed the construction of a new electrical substation next to the existing one in Wayne Township. The construction would include chain-link fencing, a gravel surface and electrical equipment for the station.

The access to the new site would come in off of Ferguson Valley Road. There will also be a infiltration basin installed to catch runoff water from the substation. There were also two waiver claims asked for by the new plan. One waiver was asking not to have to show the boundaries on the plan. The other waiver was to have the chain link fence stand seven foot tall with an extra foot of the barbed wire on top. The commission approved these two waivers, the ordinance and the four municipal ordinances also listed in the report.

Jim Lettiere spoke to the commission at the end of the meeting and extended his gratitude to them since this will be Lettiere’s last meeting with the group.

In other business, Mark Colussy spoke to the planning commission with a few project updates. He also held an open discussion with members of the commission to see where they think the group can go moving forward.

The Mifflin County Planning Commission meets at 3:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of each month at the Mifflin County Courthouse in Lewistown.