PennCFL announces Entrepreneur Challenge

SELINSGROVE–The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy (PennCFL) is honored to announce their upcoming Entrepreneurship Challenge. On March 6th, Susquehanna University will host a student conference and competition. These educational conferences are designed to bring middle or high school students together to challenge them to identify viable business concepts and to learn to write simplified business plans. Most of the work is completed at the conference alongside a variety of different experts in the fields of banking, entrepreneurship, and education. Coles Hardware and The Northumberland National Bank are sponsoring this event.

PennCFL’s mission is to provide Pennsylvania’s K-12 students with economic, personal finance, and entrepreneurship skills that elevate their standard of living, quality of life, and professional success. PennCFL sponsors financial games and programs, with the participation of over fourteen thousand students in Pennsylvania. Also, they offer entrepreneurship conferences and competitions with partnering colleges and universities. For additional information, please contact Alan Dakey, President at alan.penncfl@gmail.com or Carolyn Shirk, Vice President at carolyn.penncfl@gmail.com, call 570-975-5149 or visit us at www.penncfl.org.