In the places that matter

Group aims to spur refinement in Lewistown

Submitted photo
These Places Matter hopes to encourage property owners in Lewistown to make improvements to help revitalize the town.

LEWISTOWN — In downtown Lewistown, there are some buildings left alone and abandoned. Ryan Cherry and Jenny Landis started “These Places Matter” with an idea to make downtown Lewistown look better than ever.

“If you drive downtown and look at these old buildings, how does it make you feel?” Cherry said. “I would like to change that.”

“These Places Matter” had success last year when the group got the attention of the community and property owners of two old buildings and turned them into something amazing.

“These buildings are left to rot,” Cherry said. “We want to raise the self-esteem of downtown and encourage people to get involved with their community.”

Cherry mentioned it is very hard to gain attention on this subject. The idea started with Cherry and Landis, but the community has been very supportive.

“One of the goals here is to really capture what used to be downtown,” Cherry said. “A lot of the buildings were left empty.”

East End Coffee Co. is a great example. Without the idea of making something out of this building from the very beginning, East End Coffee would not be here.

The main goal for “These Places Matter” is to encourage the owners of these properties to make improvements, whether it be sell it to someone that would make it into a new local business or new apartment building or take care of it themselves.

“These old buildings are not only affecting me, but also affecting the entire town,” Cherry said. “In the end, we all want the same thing, a really beautiful downtown filled with businesses and residences.”

Those interested can join “These Places Matter” at 2 p.m., Sunday at East End Coffee Co. on Market Street in Lewistown to create special “valentines” for the buildings.