Meat canning to be held Feb. 10-13

LEWISTOWN — The Central Pennsylvania World Hunger Association’s 46th Annual Meat Canning Project will be held on Feb. 10-13 at the East Derry Fire Company, Lewistown (2.2 miles north on U.S. 522 from the U.S. 322 interchange).

Times will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and cleanup. There is work available for everyone; youth must be accompanied by a parent. Meat cutters, helpers on the canner, can wipers and labelers and a cleanup crew are needed.

The Mennonite Center Committee mobile canner will be used to supply canned meat to help feed the world’s hungry, with 10% staying in the five-county areas. This year, we are canning 34,000 pounds of turkey. About 1/3 of the financial support is still needed to complete the project, which costs over $70,000. The project receives no financial help from MCC, making donations crucial.

Groups are encouraged to schedule times, but all walk-ins are welcome and needed. For more information, call John Coldren at (717) 250-6840, Jesse Diem at (717) 348-9577 or Ben Stoltzfus (814) 625-2430. Donations can be made to: The Central Pa. World Hunger Association, P.O. Box 76, Belleville, PA 17004

Individuals and organizations interested in feeding volunteers by donating food stuffs, call Teresa Cunningham at (717) 543-6026.


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