Lewistown man cleared of charges

LEWISTOWN — Curtis Daniel Snook, 24, of Lewistown, was acquitted of all charges against him Friday morning in the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas.

Snook was facing accusations of a number of sex crimes, including rape and aggravated indecent assault.

Snook testified Friday morning at the trial which was continued from Tuesday and said the accuser did not push him off as she had reported. Snook testified he talked to the accuser via the social media app Snapchat while he was at a bar that evening. Snook said one Snapchat communication was a photo of her asking for sex.

Snook said he went for a drive after receiving the message and turned around to pick up the accuser because she had asked for a ride. He said he went into the apartment after the accuser to use the bathroom. Once he was done, he made small talk with her before Snook said the accuser initiated sexual contact with him.

Snook testified during intercourse the accuser told him “I don’t think we should be doing this” but that she had never pushed him or showed any sign of discomfort.

Snook stated they went back to his truck to find he had missed calls from the accuser’s friends. Snook said he took the accuser to her friends and saw the accuser crying as her friends started yelling at her and him. Snook said he had no further communication with the accuser.

Snook said he spoke to law enforcement March 6 after learning he was being accused of rape. Snook stated he didn’t mention speaking with the accuser via Snapchat during his interview with police, the audio of which was played at trial.