JCSD Directors approve new courses for 20-21 year

Board says ‘yes’ to school website redesign

MIFFLINTOWN — Out of concern for the possibility of not being able to pass a balanced budget without raising taxes above the state index, some members of the Juniata County School District’s Board of Directors were shy about the thought of approving new courses for the 2020-21 school year.

During its voting meeting, the board approved new elective courses including ceramics, advanced physical education, foundations for college writing and philosophy. The motion was approved in a 6-3 vote with Mindy Carvell, David Fry and Joseph Shearer dissenting.

Carvell was concerned that there may be some cost incurred at the addition of new courses.

“We’re already looking at a budget deficit. We’re already looking at raising taxes above the index. We already have three art electives offered. Ceramics is included in one of them…college writing is covered in some of our AP English classes. As far as advanced physical education, students that want to do competitive athletics, we have many athletic choices for them,” she said. “I just have concerns about adding any extra costs right now with the budget outlook that we have.”

Superintendent Gary Dawson said the courses would be taught with existing staff. He said the new courses would offer the opportunity for more specialization.

He said he believes the addition of the new classes would be “extremely minimal.”

The board narrowly approved a contract with Apptegy, a school marketing and website company.

Dawson said the contract will allow the district to develop a new website that would incorporate social media as a communication tool.

The company would develop apps for each school district and building administrators would be able to more efficiently be able to send out notifications in real time, he said.

The app would be free through the App Store and the Google Play store.

The cost to the district is $27,200.

The board also took the following action:

¯Approved resignations of East Juniata Elementary School paraprofessionals Danielle Bowsman and Clinton Staley and East Juniata High School paraprofessional Brooke Reichenbach;

¯Approved Danny Reed, Keisha Lightfood and Tracy Bowersox as drivers. Board member Joseph Shearer abstained from voting;

¯Approved retirements of Juniata High School special education teacher Michael Sperry and East Juniata HIgh School social studies teacher Rodney Shoop;

¯Approved employment of Benjamin Lauver and Cheryl Barth Taylor as substitute custodians;

¯Approved Kailee Wagner as level 1 paraprofessional at East Juniata Elementary School at an hourly rate of $10.97;

¯Approved Wendy Hoover as East Juniata Elementary School secretary at an hourly rate of $19.08. Hoover assumes a position vacated by the passing of Deanna Fawver;

¯Approved the donation of gate admission fees at East Juniata versus Juniata boys’ and girls’ basketball games to local families impacted by cancer;

¯Approved the following extracurricular positions at East Juniata High School spring 2020: Lauren Cheran, softball coach, $2,860; Wes Diehl, assistant softball coach, $2,310; Len Maguire, volunteer softball coach; Kerry Peck, volunteer softball coach; Ashlynn Searer, volunteer softball coach; Justin MArtin, baseball coach, $2,770; Justin Austin, assistant baseball coach, $1,950; Cory Benner, track and field coach, $3,550; Simon Cameron, assistant track and field coach, $2,760; Mark Ritzman, assistant track and field coach, $2,760; Tom Brotzman, volunteer track and field coach; Rod Shoop, air rifle coach, $785; Jaylynn Blair, junior high field hockey coach, $1,450; Brian Clouser, volunteer baseball coach; Dan Kanagy, volunteer baseball coach; Kyle Milliron, volunteer baseball coach; Jon Nace, volunteer baseball coach; Jared Shirk, volunteer baseball coach. Juniata High School spring 2020: Jess King, softball coach, $3,130; Dave Pray, volunteer softball coach; Nick Beward, baseball coach, $3,400; Josh Haines, assistant baseball coach, $2,670; Kim Hart, track and field coach, $3,500; Bob Hart, assistant track and field coach, $2,670; Dave Portzline, assistant track and field coach, $2,760; Jeff Miller, volunteer track and field coach; Shari Miller, volunteer track and field; Jarred Dressler, volunteer track and field coach; Dave Lehman, volunteer track and field coach; Sheri Landis, tennis coach, $2,150; Brad Strawser, assistant tennis coach, $1,810; Mike Burdge, volunteer baseball coach; Mike Mingle, volunteer baseball coach; Jim Fosselman, game staff. Tuscarora Junior High School spring 2020: Riley Shertzer, girls’ soccer coach, $1,450. East Juniata High School fall 2020: Cory Fronk, boys’ soccer coach; Tyler Inch, assistant boys’ soccer coach; Val Dressler, girls’ soccer coach; Christian Dressler, assistant girls’ soccer coach; Megan Hart, field hockey coach; Chloe Rogeau, volleyball coach; Mike Zendt, golf coach; Maisie Aumiller, junior high girls’ basketball co-coach. Junior High School fall 2020: Kurt Condo, football coach; Steve McLaughlin, assistant football coach; Nate Nace, assistant footbal coach; Colton Shertzer, assistant football coach; Jared Byler, boys’ soccer coach; Brian Strawser, assistant boys’ soccer coach; Laresa Paden, girls’ soccer co-coach; Garrick Paden, girls’ soccer co-coach; Jeff Miller, cross country coach. Tuscarora Junior HIgh School fall 2020: Marcus Brothers, football coach; Bob Hart, assistant footbal coach; Caleb Shertzer, assistant football coach; Chris Alderfer, boys’ soccer coach; A.J. Hendrick, girls’ soccer coach.


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