3 Arrested for Assault in Snyder Township

At approximately 1:27 a.m., Nov. 29, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to McClure Borough, Snyder County for a reported assault. Through an investigation, police learned that, Nathan Brower, 37, of Beaver Springs and Shawn Stover, 23, of Sunbury, engaged in a physical altercation.

The following events are as detailed by the police report:

During the altercation, Stover punched Brower in the face with brass knuckles, causing serious injury. Brower also struck Stover in the back of the head with a rock. At one point, Troy Stilson, 22, of Beaver Springs, fired a pistol into the air. This caused Brent Tallon to exit Stover and his associates’ vehicle. Tallon charged Stilson, who fired a shot at his feet, stopping Tallon and the altercation between the other two men. Stover and his associates got back into their vehicle and fled the scene as Stilson fired a third shot in their direction.

At 1:45 a.m., the vehicle was stopped by police, and it was discovered that the driver, Lindsay Elliot, was under the influence of marijuana and that the passenger, Tallon, had a warrant for his arrest. For these reasons, the two were taken into custody. Stover was in possession of marijuana, spice and marijuana paraphernalia so was also taken into custody. Brower was taken to the hospital for his injuries, released and taken into custody. Stilson–a felon not to possess a firearm–was later taken into custody. Stilson, Brower and Stover were arraigned and committed at the Snyder County Prison. Elliot’s DUI is under investigation.


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