Season’s snapshots

Woman sets up ‘Christmas fence’ for locals to take holiday photos

Photo submitted by BETH WEAVER
This Christmas fence has been set up at the home of Beth Weaver in Lewistown. It is available for locals to use to take holiday photos free of charge. Weaver has set up a similar fence with a different theme each year for the past five years.

LEWISTOWN — Christmas photos are popping up all over social media. Those offering photo services can be found scrolling through one’s home page.

Not everyone can put forth the money for photos, however, and many try to snap their own pics to put on those holiday cards.

A local woman had made it even easier.

For the past five years, Beth Weaver of Lewistown has offered a portion of her property as a backdrop for those amateur shots. Weaver has side job/hobby taking photos for people, but when the load got too heavy during the Christmas season of 2014, she and her husband had another idea.

“I was booked solid. It made me sad. Pictures are memories and everyone should have them,” she said.

Weaver decorated the fence near her home at 20 Edgewater Ave., Lewistown — which is located across from the Nittany Minit Mart off the Walnut Street Exit of U.S. 322. Each year has been a different holiday theme, from primitive Christmas, to the cartoon classics such as the Grinch, to this year’s theme of snowmen.

Each year the traffic has increased by her home as visitors pause for selfies and quick shots at the “Christmas fence,” as she calls it.

“Last year was crazy busy. I would look out our window and there was always someone there. It was great,” she said. “I love when people use it. It makes my heart full.”

The “Christmas fence” is available now through Christmas eve on weekends only. People can come as early as 7:30 a.m. until sundown. During the week before Christmas the fence is available every day.

Weaver said people have sent her images they have taken. Many go to the local Walmart for prints and photo cards, and the photo department knows Weaver by name.

Weaver said she will continue to offer this free location as long as props and scenery are not damaged or stolen.