MCRC hosts fall banquet

McVEYTOWN — Many candidates for local and state office came to speak at the Mifflin County Republican Committee Fall Banquet Tuesday night at the McVeytown Fire Co.

Following the introduction of guests from other counties and offices in attendance, John Breneman Jr. introduced the candidates for all local offices who will be on the ballot for the general election Nov. 5.

Candidates for the upcoming 2019 election include:

¯Rob Postal and Mark Sunderland, for Mifflin County commissioners.

¯Tammy Stuck, for Mifflin County prothonotary.

¯Chris Torquato, for Mifflin County district attorney.

¯Alan R. Sunderland, for Mifflin County coroner.

¯Helen Kirk and Barbara Clemmons, for Mifflin County auditors.

¯Terry Styers, Beth M. Laughlin and Fredrick D. Nickel, for Mifflin County School Board.

¯Dolly M. Ranck and Brandee N. Dodd, for Mount Union School Board Region 1.

¯Judy Olson, for Pennsylvania Superior Court Retention.

¯Christylee Peck and Megan King, for Pennsylvania Superior Court.

¯Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough, for Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Retention.

After all the candidates were announced, featured speaker John Hershey (R-Mifflintown) discussed what has been going on in Harrisburg and some of the things he has done in his time there.

Hershey also discussed what he thinks of the state of the Republican party in regards to the party’s portrayal by the media.

“A lot of what the media narrative is, is that the Republican party is in turmoil right now,” Hershey said. “That’s not what I experience, in my opinion when I’m talking to people on the ground in Mifflin County. The average person in Mifflin County loves the tax cut that they got from tax cut and jobs act. The average person in Mifflin County loves that the economy is doing as well as it is and they love that they have new and proven conservative judges on the Supreme Court.”

In his time in Harrisburg so far, Hershey reported he has had two bills signed into law. One was a victims’ rights bill and the other was in regards to agriculture funding issues. Hershey was also recently assigned to the Pennsylvania Dairy Future Commission, as well as the Health and Judiciary Committees. These committees deal with issues such as abortion and gun laws.

The meeting concluded with some words from Mifflin County Republican Committee Chairman Jim Smith. Smith talked about the effect of voting in the upcoming election.

“If we expect to have a future for our children and grandchildren we must win,” he said. “We must win our local races, we must win our statewide races, and we must win the U.S. House of Representatives, and we must keep our Senate, and we must win the White House in 2020.”