Derry Township board discusses traffic resolution

Officials meet to converse about road use near Standard Steel

YEAGERTOWN — The Derry Township Board of Supervisors on Monday night and discussed a resolution that would allow Standard Steel traffic on township roadways. The resolution was to authorize unlicensed vehicles titled to Standard Steel to cross township roads to get to different ends of the Standard Steel plant.

Township solicitor Jeffrey Snook discussed the locations of the roadways where the activity would take place. Snook said, “These roads include township road T420 in the area where the former Milroy branch of Pennsylvania Railroad crosses Mill Street. The other location is T420 where the former Milroy branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad crosses North Dairy Avenue.”

The resolution allows for an unlimited amount of crossing on the roadway. The time frame for this proposal is calendar year 2020. This is an annual agreement between the township and Standard Steel.

The board made a motion to approve the resolution. Vice Chairman Ronald Napikoski Jr., made the motion and it was seconded by Chairman John McCullough. Supervisor Donald Warntz II abstained from the vote due to his employment by Standard Steel.

The next topic brought up by the solicitor was the merger of the East Derry and Highland Park fire companies. The fire companies are looking for aid from a MAP (Municipality Assistance Program) grant. There are three qualifications for this grant. One is shared services with two or more municipalities participating, second is community planning and the third is flood plain management.

The board asked if it was even an eligible project for them to look at going forward. The fire companies are looking to borrow roughly $95,000 to help them fund their newly merged group. Members of the board were split on the idea of going through and funding the resolution before them.

Napikoski and McCullough had differing points of view when it came to helping in the funding of the merger. Napikoski was in favor of funding it. He had past experience as a volunteer fire fighter and knows what it was like having to purchase everything for themselves.

McCullough was looking through the list of objects to be purchased out of this grant and was not on board with what he saw. His concern is that people may say they will buy those things with the money and turn around and get something that was not originally on the budget form. The board decided to hold off on the resolution until they had more information available to them and had their questions answered on what exactly the companies are looking for.

In other business the board:

¯ Approved a proposal to install communicator transceiver for Ort Valley and Electric Avenue traffic signal costing $6,038.46.

¯ Approved the Mifflin County Planning Services Agreement for 2020 for $1,500.

¯ Approved accepted price of $152 for a vacant lot.

¯ Delay the decision on $200 donation for Home Nursing Agency.

¯ Approved the Park Use Application for the Geisinger Walk in the Park for Arthritis on May 16, 2020. Napikoski abstained from the vote because of his employment with Geisinger.

The Derry Township board will meet again at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 4, at the Municipal Building in Yeagertown.


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