Board meets with athletic association

Brown township supervisors discuss baseball field project

Sentinel photo by LUCAS LENZE
Members of the Brown township Board of Supervisors discussing baseball field upgrades during Monday’s meeting.

REEDSVILLE — The Brown Township Board of Supervisors met on Monday night to discuss plans going forward with the baseball field project at Bender Park.

Aaron Bubb and Bob Wilson from the Reedsville Athletic Association came to the meeting to speak with the board about where to go next. Right now there is about $6,000 worth of improvements that need to be made to the field to have it playable come the spring.

Reedsville Athletic Association is looking for a lease for the field for the duration of their season. The lease would run from March until June and the field would be open to the public when it is not being used for league practices or games. Other areas such as Lewistown and Yeagertown use a similar system when it comes to their leagues using the ball fields for a leased time period.

Some upgrades that have been made so far are the backstop at the field and benches have been purchased for the dugouts. Future additions and upgrades to the field are the plans to have fencing the whole way down the right field line and partially down the left side.

A portable pitcher’s mound will be needed for the different league regulations so it is easy to adjust for different groups. New bases are also needed and the association is looking into adjustable ones for both 60- and 70-foot base paths. Protective netting is also being looked into to protect spectators and vehicles from foul balls that maybe find their way out of play. The last upgrade needed to be made is the addition of a removable fence for the outfield.

The next steps with the field are to see what the legality is as far as leasing the field. The Reedsville Athletic Association is looking to have the field ready and playable by spring. The township is looking to help with the purchase of products for the field if the association would need any extra help, for example with Diamond Tex (infield surface material) and fencing around the field.

Supervisor Scott Peck presented the roadmaster’s report to the board. Work is done with one of the work truck for the township. The new bed has been placed in it and is ready to go. Salt and cinders have been ordered and some areas around the township were mowed recently.

In other business the board:

¯ Approved the Cost and Fee schedule which was updated to include recent changes after an unanimous vote.

¯ Approved the 2020 proposed budget for the township.

¯ Discussed the use of alcohol on township property and the need to look more into the legal code on it.

¯ Moved forward with ideas for two alternates for the Brown Township Zoning Hearing Board that are vacant.

The next meeting for the Brown Township Board of Supervisors will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 4.


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