Elections officials seek Derry precinct redistricting

LEWISTOWN — The Mifflin County Board of Elections on Tuesday filed a petition with the Mifflin County Court of Common Pleas for the redistricting of two voting precincts in Derry Township.

Zane Swanger, director of elections and voter registration, said the redistricting will involve Derry-North and Derry-East in an effort to reapportion the number of registered voters to each of the precincts.

Swanger said the petition is asking the court to order the voting precinct line between Derry-North and Derry-East affixed at the middle of U.S. Highway Route 522 North, and moving the existing polling place of Derry-North from Burnham Church of the Brethren to the Maitland Church of the Brethren in Derry Township. The polling place for Derry-East will remain the same at Ohesson Senior Living Community, Green Avenue, Lewistown.

Swanger said the process asks for the judge to sign an order for a public hearing to be scheduled to hear the petition and sign a final order to redistrict the precincts. Swanger said the court hearing date has yet to be determined, however, public postings will be made by the elections office, along with a public address at an upcoming Mifflin County Commissioners meeting, to announce the date and time.