Superior Court candidate visits Mifflin Co.

Sentinel photo by BRANDON MORGAN
Jim Smith, chairman of the Mifflin County Republican Committee, left, stands with Christylee Peck, Republican candidate for Superior Court judge at the Mifflin County Youth Fair Thursday evening in Reedsville.

REEDSVILLE — Christylee Peck, one of the Republican candidates running for Superior Court judge, visited the Mifflin County Youth Fair Thursday evening to meet members of the community.

Peck, Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas judge, will be running against Megan King, another Republican judge, and two Democrat candidates, Daniel McCaffery and Amanda Green-Hawkins in November’s election.

“I’m the longest serving judge of all the other candidates,” Peck stated. “I’m there to help them. I’m there to respect everyone in court. I want to make sure that the judge is following the law. I’ll make sure to listen to everybody before I make a decision.”

Peck also noted that knowing politics is half the battle.

“I don’t let politics come into play,” Peck said. “Your job is to not care if they are Republican or Democrat. My job is to look at each case individually and to be fair to them and treat them with kindness.

Peck also said she wants to help people that need it and to make sure everyone is fair.

“I’m here to help everybody,” Peck said. “I have the opportunity to try to help everyone in the entire state. I care about justice.”

In regards to Mifflin County, Peck mentioned that regulation is a major area of concern.

“People get concerned about regulation and about their taxes,” she noted. “These issues are handled by the Superior Court every day. Anything that affects families on a daily basis goes up to the Superior Court. They need to make sure they have good judges that will protect their constitutional rights. That’s the way to actually be a good judge to be part of your community.”

Anyone interested in learning more about the upcoming election or registering to vote is encouraged to contact members of the Mifflin County Republican Committee or stop by the committee’s stand at the youth fair.

Jim Smith, the chairman of the Mifflin County Republican Committee, said, “We do voter registration. It is just a delight to get out here with these folks.”

Smith also wants to help out the community and show voters what Republican candidates can do.

“We have them down to spend time with everyone and introduce them and get the word out,” Smith said. “This is what our county is all about.”

The Mifflin County Youth Fair is going on until Aug. 10. Voting for the election will be open to the public Nov 5.