Police report

Lewistown Police Department

¯Forgery — On March 29, 2019, Lewistown police were called to investigate activity with an account at First National Bank. The incident involved two stolen checks that belonged to an 86-year-old female from the area. David L. Waldron, 41, has a warrant out for his arrest in relation to the crime. Anyone with information regarding Waldron’s whereabouts are encouraged to call the Mifflin County non-emergency line (717) 248-9607.

¯Harass/Physical Contact — At 6 p.m., July 26, 2019, Lewistown police were called to for a harassment incident. The incident was the result of a confrontation at the victim’s residence. No prosecution will be pursued.

¯Harassment/Domestic — At 9:02 p.m., Aug. 8, 2019, Lewistown police responded to a call for harassment/domestic incident in Spruce Hill Township. The victims were a 44-year-old female and a 42-year-old male. The two engaged in a confrontation and subjected each other to physical contact. Charges will be filed.

¯Criminal Trespass/

Mischief — At 4:13 p.m., Aug. 7, 2019, Lewistown police responded to a residence on Bridge Street in Mifflintown to investigate a report of criminal trespass. The victim was a 39-year-old female who was confronted by the accused, a 37-year-old female, at her residence. The front door was damaged and charges were filed.

¯Non-reportable crash — At 5:22 p.m., Aug. 8, 2019, Lewistown Police Department responded to a crash at 32 Logan St. The driver of the vehicle ended up hitting a garage. No one was injured. Both parties were issued accident exchange forms.

¯DUI Crash — At 5:52 p.m., July 18, 2019, Lewistown Police responded to a crash at the Sunoco on South Main Street, Lewistown. The police arrived and determined the driver Kathryn Kline, 58, of Spring Mills, was under the influence of alcohol. Her BAC was .222, three times the legal limit.

¯Harassment/Physical Contact — At 2:57 a.m., July 21, 2019, Lewistown Police were called to a traffic incident on U.S. highway 522 North. Damian Snook, 33, of McClure, pushed Kahly Byler 25, of Lewistown. A non-traffic citation was filed.

¯Theft/Pick Pocket — At 11:42 a.m., Aug. 2, 2019, Lewistown Police were called about a pick pocket theft at Stop Plaza Drive. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the incident.

¯Strangulation — At 8:30 p.m., Aug. 4, 2019, Lewistown Police responded to a call at Berrier Lane. Walter Stoner 51, Mifflin, was arrested for strangling the victim and breaking her hand. He was taken into custody and arraigned. He was released on unsecured bail.

¯Crash — At 9:11 p.m., July 22, 2019, a crash occurred at Towne Center Boulevard. The crash occurred when the driver of vehicle one failed to stop at a stop sign and was hit by vehicle two. Both vehicles came to a stop in the eastbound lane. No injuries were reported.