Borough council discusses local street project updates

LEWISTOWN — The Lewistown Borough Council discussed local project updates during their monthly meeting Monday night at the Lewistown Municipal Building.

Lucas Parkes, of the EADS Group, gave an update on the Kish Street project.

“So far half of the curve ramps have been completed along with most of the widening of the street itself,” Parkes said.

Parkes said the next step of the project is to add a base layer of pavement on the road before the start of school. During the next phase, Parkes added that roughly $56,000 to $57,000 is needed to finish paving and complete the project.

With an initial budget of $210,000, the council agreed that the project will still be within budget with the additional costs.

Later, Dianna Walter informed the council that the South Main Street Bridge project was delayed due to a retaining wall issue. She also mentioned that the borough traffic signal project will include work on 11 intersections once completed.

During the public comment period, Teresa Bottorf addressed problems with stray cats in the area. Bottorf said a select group of community members are consistently trying to control the cat population, but help is needed from the community. Council President Venus Shade later recommended that Bottorf contact a grant writer at the Mifflin County Courthouse to inquire about help and additional resources.

The second member of the community to speak was Davita Montenez, who addressed costs for her son’s sport. Montenez noted that parents are responsible for a variety of costs to have their children play local sports, including the costs to use ball field lights and bathroom facilities. She stated that other parents have threatened to pull their kids from the sports programs over the issue. Following discussion, the council stated it would revisit the issue during the next financial committee meeting.

In other business, the borough:

¯Approval of the consent agenda.

¯Approved sewer exonerations for 116 W. Fourth St. and 5 Wilson Ave.

¯Approved the winter maintenance agreement and resolution.

¯Authorized applying for county aid to offset the cost of the Kish Street project.

¯Approved the disposition of records.

¯Approved a fire company recovery cost ordinance, with council member Mark Sievers dissenting.

¯Approved a manager ordinance.

¯Approved the reallocation of 2016-2017 CDBG funds to use for ADA ramps at Green Avenue, South Brown Street, East Fleming Street, East Charles Street and South Brown street.

¯Approved the release of 2016-2017 CDBG funds for salary administration.

¯Rejected a request for second quarter allocation from the Brooklyn Hose Co.

¯Accepted a resignation from the Rec Board and appointed Alan Aumiller II to the Rec Board.

¯Approved a representative for the tax collection committee.

¯Approved the reappointment of Eugene Hughes to the parking authority.

¯Approved participation in the Pennsylvania CleanWays Tire Recycle Challenge on Sept. 21.

¯Approved the placement of “No Outlet” signs in the alley behind the Lewistown bowling alley.

¯Authorized the repainting of the yellow curb by 115 Chestnut St. as well as the placement of a “No Parking” sign between curbs.

¯Authorized curb repainting and the placement of “Loading” and “Unloading” signs by 195 W. Fourth St.

¯Approved the addition of a “No Parking Here” sign at 1035 W. Fourth St. by Dealer’s Choice Auto, as well as the repainting of the yellow curb in front of Victory Auto.

¯Approved a handicap parking space at 117 N. Walnut St.

¯Authorized staff to apply for grants.

¯Approved Gannett Fleming to create a bid package for the Valley Street project.

¯Approved the replacement of computers at WWTP.

¯Approved the purchase of UV lamps and fuses from Suez.

¯Approved the EADS Group to conduct a parking study in order to map out improvements needed for parking throughout the borough.

The council adjourned to executive session after the regular meeting.

The Lewistown Borough Council meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Lewistown Municipal Building.