Aeoro releases debut single ‘Wildflowers’

REEDSVILLE — A musician who recently performed in Reedsville has released her debut single, ‘Wildflowers.’

Aeoro, based in south Florida, visited central Pennsylvania in July. During her visit, she performed at the Corner Vault in Reedsville and recorded the video for ‘Wildflowers’ at a location near Egg Hill Road in Spring Mills.

The producer, songwriter and singer said Pennsylvania’s mid-July landscape brought the song to life. She filmed the video in a field of tiger lilies and golden grass.

The single, which has a light, upbeat tempo, is meant to inspire peace, innocence and returning to that, she said.

In a newsletter to followers, Aeoro wrote that the song was an effort to help her reassemble life after the passings of her father and grandmother.

“It’s a song I sing to remember the joy of returning home to our natural selves, whether in this life or the next,” she wrote. “It’s something we can all do when in a peaceful place.”

In the video, Aeoro is seen playing with a young girl in a field of golden grass and singing amongst a sea of wildflowers.

Aeoro describes her music as positive pop with spiritual undertones.

“I am not told that I sound like others often,” she said.

She listed Cyndi Lauper and Jewel as influences, but said she also incorporates some rhythm and blues and Broadway techniques.

Aeoro said her next single showcases both those techniques and has a danceable, mainstream feeling.

“I’m super excited to share it,” she said.

‘Wildflowers’ is now available through iTunes, Spotify and other major retailers. The music video and a free download of the song is available on Aeoro’s website, www.AeoroPlay.com. Or find Aeoro on Facebook.