Brown Township talks age limitations for local playground program

REEDSVILLE — Members of the community posed questions regarding a local playground program during the Brown Township Board of Supervisors meeting Monday night.

Cathy Halleck asked the board about the age limitations on the program. The program was originally designed for children ages 5 to 12, but Halleck said she believes the program should be open to kids all the way up through high school.

“I’d like to ask you to amend whatever it is that determines who is allowed to be at the playground,” Halleck said. “I think it is a great program, I’d like to see as many kids as possible participating in the program.”

“It has been such a blessing for my children,” added Rebecca Leonard, who has had children involved in the program for 10 years.

Following discussion, the board decided to re-evaluate the program to see if adjustments can be made.

In other business, the board:

¯Discussed maintenance for a local property until it can be sold.

¯Approved signing an agreement with Kish Bank for payment of ongoing projects.

¯Discussed the 2019 CDBG budget.

¯Discussed the Coopers Gap Road project. $50,000 will go toward paving the road and extra money will be used to fixed smaller projects throughout the area.

¯Discussed fire extinguisher maintenance.

¯Reviewed general, state funds and sewer revenue account 2019-2023 budgets.

The next meeting for the Brown Township Board of Supervisors will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, at the Brown Township Office.