Board addresses blighted properties

YEAGERTOWN — The Derry Township Board of Supervisors discussed blighted properties in the area Monday night at the Derry Township Municipal Building.

Township Manager Kelly Shutes said, “As of late, we are increasing our blighted properties.”

Shutes said the properties are costing the township money, between mowing grass and removing trash. She noted one property cost approximately $450 to keep clean.

Following discussion, the board decided to make a priority list, outlining which properties will receive attention first.

The board also approved a resolution to authorize East Derry and Highland Park Fire companies to apply for a merger grant Monday night. Township Solicitor Jeffrey Snook will revise the resolution to make it clearer for the application process to begin. The board also plans to issue a letter of support for the grant.

In other business, the board addressed the design of the restrooms at Kish Park. The supervisors want to make the restrooms APA accessible, add new accessories and fix the interiors.

The board also approved the following:

¯A request from Mifflin County Middle School for mini golf passes for PBIS.

¯A program for inmates to be involved in training at Kish Park for the local fish habitats. Trevor Weaver is in charge of the Corrections Conservation Collaborative Program, which helps inmates from Huntingdon by immersing them in training and life outside prison.

¯Payment of township bills.

¯The minutes from the board’s July 1 meeting.

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors next meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, at the Derry Township Municipal Building.