Former Midd-West teacher sentenced for endangerment

LEWISBURG — A former Midd-West fifth-grade teacher was sentenced to probation Monday after pleading no-contest to child endangerment charges in Union County in March.

According to court documents, Kurt M. Sprenkel, 45, of Middleburg, was charged in May 2018 after police received reports that he fondled three of his students. Documents indicate Sprenkel put his arm around two 10-year-old victims and an 11-year-old victim while they were under his supervision, then touched their backsides while asking, “Do you like when I’m sweet to you?”

Sprenkel was sentenced by President Judge Michael Hudock to five years probation. Sprenkel is also financially responsible to pay the costs of prosecution, a victim service fee of $75 and $1 in restitution to each victim, court documents state.

Sprenkel is required to complete 100 hours of community service within the first year of his supervision, he is to have no contact with any of the victims and is prohibited from being on any premises of the Midd-West School District. Hudock also ordered Sprenkel to surrender his Pennsylvania teacher’s license and undergo a psychiatric evaluation within the first 60 days of his supervision, at Sprenkel’s sole expense. Furthermore, Sprenkel is required provide a copy of the evaluation report to the probation department and complete any treatment recommended as a result of his evaluation.


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