Feeding wildlife at Kish Park now prohibited to all

YEAGERTOWN — Visitors to Kish Park are not permitted to feed wildlife.

Derry Township Supervisors on Monday adopted an ordinance prohibiting the feeding of wild animals and waterfowl at the park.

Township Manager Kelly Shutes said the township is required to adopt a no-feeding ordinance in order to receive wildlife damage management services through the United States Department of Agriculture.

The ordinance amends township code chapter 158, section 12, which outlines prohibited activities at the park. The ordinance also prohibits damage to park structures, tree climbing and removal or injury to natural elements including rocks, plants and waterways.

Also during the meeting, township resident Kim Lucci-Elbual encouraged supervisors to do away with the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides at Kish Park. She said the use of products like RoundUp is a “very dangerous” health concern.

Lucci-Elbual recommended alternatives such as vinegar spray.

Although pesticide use is originally what drove Lucci-Elbual to speak at the meeting, she said she was led to mention a second topic as well — renovation of the park’s mini golf course. Lucci-Elbual is a metal artist and asked supervisors to consider commissioning her to create metal sculptures that would be incorporated into the course.

“I could come in and help coordinate a whole new mini golf,” she said. “It can actually bring in quite a bit of revenue.”

Lucci-Elbual said she would need a locked, heated location to do the work.

Also during the meeting, supervisors approved:

¯Use of the general fund to cover a shortfall of $16,946.33 for the Hamilton Terrace Project, if 2018 CDBG funds are not ready in time.

¯Combination of two lots owned by Alexa Dreese and Zebulin Bryner, as presented by Bill Wright, of Wright Surveying.

¯Land development at Geisinger Hospital Parking Lot A, presented by Tony Fruchtl, of PennTerra Engineering.

¯Land development at Birch Hill Community Center, presented by owner John Pannizzo.

¯Authorization to apply for a highway occupancy permit for work at Patton Drive and U.S. Highway 522 North. Shutes said a small sink hole opened up at the end of Patton Drive.

¯Park use on July 5 and 6 by Touring Friends, upon receipt of a statement of activities approved by the board.