Dippery to select jury today in Perry County

NEW BLOOMFIELD — Shawn Dippery, 47, of Lewistown, is scheduled to select a jury today in the Perry County Court of Common Pleas, court documents state.

Dippery was charged in August with one felony count deceptive business practices and three misdemeanor counts theft by deception after offering to seal coat a Perry County resident’s driveway, accepting payment and not finishing the job. The accuser reported giving Dippery a total of $700 over the course of four months and Dippery said he would do the work in July, but never returned to the residence.

Police contacted the accuser’s bank and staff members reported that Dippery cashed two checks from the accuser at a local branch. Police reported receiving copies of the cashed checks and reviewed surveillance footage showing Dippery at the local branch. Personnel from a different branch said Dippery cashed another check at their location and provided police with surveillance of Dippery cashing the check at the drive-through window.

Court documents indicate bail was set at $5,000 in Perry County after charges were filed. Dippery was incarcerated in the Perry County Correctional Facility May 30, two days after being granted modified bail of $700,000 unsecured/non-monetary/supervised in Mifflin County, where Dippery faces more than 200 similar counts.