24 year old charged for burglary on Saturday

ORBISONIA — Jonathan J. Fahrnow, 24, of Mount Union, was charged and arraigned for burglary after reportedly using tools to unlawfully enter an apartment early Saturday morning.

Court documents state Fahrnow and Tiffany R. Detwiler, 26, of Shade Gap, entered an apartment in Orbisonia in which Detwiler alleged she previously resided. The current resident of the apartment told police he was unaware Fahrnow and Detwiler had entered the residence. Around 1:30 a.m., the resident reportedly heard a commotion, discovered the pair in the living room and ordered both defendants out of the apartment. The resident then left for work and locked the door behind him.

Fahrnow and Detwiler reportedly returned to the apartment after the resident was gone and used a crowbar and screwdriver to pry open the door, court documents state. Detwiler reportedly held a light to the door to aide Fahrnow, allegedly because she wanted to gather some belongings. Once inside, both defendants entered the bathroom and Fahrnow passed out against the door while Detwiler passed out in the bathtub.

Documents state residents of the apartment below contacted the landlord when they observed water flowing from the upstairs. The landlord entered the apartment and told police he could hear water running, so he attempted to open the bathroom door and found Fahrnow passed out on the floor and Detwiler passed out in the tub.

The landlord was able to turn off the water before calling police and waking both defendants, who greeted officers in the living room.

According to court documents, Fahrnow was charged with a total of three felony counts, including burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and criminal trespass and committed to the Huntingdon County Correctional Facility, unable to post the $50,000 bail set by Magisterial District Judge Rufus Brennemen. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 26. Detwiler was also charged in connection to the same incident.


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