Academy to offer nail technician training

LEWISTOWN–Adult education opportunities are expanding at the Mifflin County Academy of Science and Technology. The academy’s cosmetology program has been approved by the PA State Board of Cosmetology to offer a nail technician course for adults.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this new course, particularly because we’ve had requests from the community for additional options in our cosmetology curriculum,” said Mike McMonigal, supervisor of adult and post-secondary education.

The process for approval by the State Board of Cosmetology requires submission of the curriculum, lesson plans and objectives of the program. The program is reviewed to ensure it is designed to prepare students for licensure as nail technicians.

State Rep. John Hershey, R-Mifflintown, and his office supported the school through the approval process.

“My team and I are thankful that we were able to assist in the approval of the nail technician curriculum at Mifflin County Academy of Science Technology, as it will provide another employment opportunity for district residents,” said Hershey. “I continue to be proud of the contributions the academy makes to our communities.”

Working as a nail technician is a balance between the sciences and the arts. Students have the opportunity to express their creativity while learning how to diagnose and apply cosmetic procedures to hands, feet, and nails. Students will develop their skills in the classroom and a simulated salon setting. Coursework covers laws, regulations, business management and ethics to help students who may want to start their own business.

For more information about the new course and other adult education courses available at the academy, visit www.theacademy.net, or call (717) 248-3933.