‘Toyland’ is the theme for this year’s Festival of Ice

LEWISTOWN — The theme for the 2018 Festival of Ice, which will take place Nov. 29 and 30 in downtown Lewistown, is Toyland.

The event committee selected the theme at the wrap up meeting for the 2018 event, and the indoor and outdoor decorating committees are excited about it.

“Sandra and Dennis Knapik would start decorating the Historic Courthouse today if we’d let them,” says event chairman Janet Walker. “They’ve been excited and working on this since our wrap up meeting.”

The Toyland theme will spill out of the courthouse and into the planters that surround Monument Square. The outdoor committee will used donated toys to create individual “Islands of Misfit Toys.”

The theme will also be carried through in the ice sculpture designs that will line Market and Main streets.

From dolls to trains to dinosaurs, the designs are created to take visitors back to their childhoods. And while the ice is the big attraction of the event, organizers know that a variety of activities will keep people in town longer.

Live musical entertainment, craft and vendor booths, food stands, free kids crafts and other activities, as well as special events like the Crazy Parade on Nov. 29 and the Chillin’ 4K Walk/Run on Nov. 30 make the Festival of Ice so much more.

“Each year, the committee works to make the Festival of Ice just a little bit different, a little bit more than it was last year,” Walker said. “The Toyland theme is really going to bring out the fun in this community event and it will be a great way to kick off the holiday season.”

The Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau is also lining up ice sponsors as well as vendors for indoor and outdoor space. The vendor applications can be found on the Visitors Bureau website at www.juniatarivervalley.org and at their office in the Historic Courthouse.

For ice sponsorship information, contact Jenny Landis at (717) 248-6713 or jlandis@juniatarivervalley.org.


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