Defendant charged with 8 extra counts

Lewistown man recently arraigned and jailed for attempted homicide

LEWISTOWN –A 32-year-old recently arraigned and incarcerated for first degree attempted homicide was charged Thursday with eight additional counts, including possession of prohibited firearms and receiving stolen property, according to court documents.

Dante L. Scott, of Lewistown, reportedly traded crack cocaine to Jeffrey L. Yoder, 66, for four handguns Yoder reportedly confessed to stealing during a burglary he committed in August, court documents indicate. Documents state that Yoder described stealing one .32 caliber revolver, two .22 caliber semi-automatic handguns and one “starter pistol,” and that the firearms were transferred to Scott at the Lewistown residence they shared.

A search of the residence recovered the “starter pistol,” determined to be a German flare gun, however the location of the three remaining firearms was not determined, documents state. Police reported receiving information that the .32 caliber revolver was hidden inside the vent of one of the residence bathrooms, but a search of the bathroom resulted in recovering only a black generic pistol holster from the vent as well as a second generic pistol holster and a box of .22 caliber ammunition under the sink, no firearm.

Police reported the vent was broken and bent away from the wall, suggesting evidence of tampering, and that further information was received that a third party person had retrieved the firearm to dispose of it before law enforcement could recover it.

Documents state that Scott was charged based on the statements given by Yoder, the corroborating evidence and because Scott is a person who is not to possess a firearm.

Scott was arraigned from Mifflin County Correctional Facility, via video conference, by Magisterial District Judge Jack Miller. Bail was set at $50,000 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 19.