Second polling location to be opened in area

New location will be added to Taylor Drive, Church Hill region

REEDSVILLE– The Brown Township Supervisors received an update on plans to create a second polling location in Brown Township during a meeting on Monday night.

Zane Swanger, Director of Elections and Voter Registration for Mifflin County, spoke to the board regarding the need for an additional polling location and the research that has been conducted in order to make the location effective for township residents.

“Currently Brown Township is one of the largest polling places we have in Mifflin County,” Swanger said. “We’ve experienced during the previous presidential election a lot of people lined up and getting frustrated because of lines and machine issues from an overload of people.”

Swanger explained that the second polling location would be set in place in order to better serve the needs of voters. The Brown Township Municipal building will remain as a primary polling spot for voters, and the second location is expected to be placed in the Taylor Drive, Church Hill, area.

“From taking census data from 2010, we found that if we would split around 322, anything on the eastern side of 322 would then be at the new polling location,” Swanger said. “We are still in the developing phases of this, we still have a lot of research we have to go through. We have to go through the court, and also the Department of State for final approval.”

Swanger also mentioned that the county simply wants to make the voting process as convenient as possible for voters, while still following proper protocol under the election code.

In other business, the board:

¯ Approved the minutes from previous meetings.

¯ Approved the payment of bills.

¯ Listened to the roadmaster’s report.

¯ Discussed various options for website hosting.

¯ Approved a recommendation to pay mileage for the Emergency Management Coordinator position.

¯ Approved the repair of playground equipment and basketball court improvements.

¯ Approved Resolution 2018-6 for the Small Water and Sewer Program Grant.

¯ Approved the Tyler Watson Subdivision and Land Development Plan, Developer’s Agreement and Storm Water Agreement.

¯ Approved Resolution 2018-7 for the CDBG transfer of funds.


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