2 injured in plane crash

Federal Aviation Administration to begin investigation today

Sentinel photos by LAUREN KERSHNER
A small plane crashed into an field Wednesday afternoon near the Mifflin County Airport.

REEDSVILLE — Two were injured when their small plane crashed Wednesday afternoon.

At 3:41 p.m. the Mifflin County Emergency Communications Center dispatched for a small plane crash.

The plane crashed into a field about a quarter mile from a runway at the Mifflin County Airport in Reedsville. Right after the crash, the communications center contacted the Federal Aviation

Administration and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association to alert them of the incident.

As a result, the FAA stopped and rerouted air traffic in the area.

The plane was a small propeller plane called an Avid Flyer and was built by the pilot, according to officials on the scene.

According to officials on the scene, the pilot was Bob McCaa, who is known for refurbishing planes and owns multiple small aircrafts that he stores in a hangar at the airport.

Mifflin County Regional Police Officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel responded to the scene to assist in the plane crash. The ambulances could not directly access the scene and pickup trucks were used to transport the medics and patients to and from the scene of the crash.

McCaa and his passenger, who is reported to be the brother of McCaa, were injured as a result of the crash. McCaa suffered head injuries and the passenger suffered from back pain.

Director of Mifflin County Emergency Services, Phil Lucas, responded to the scene. While on the scene, Lucas spoke with the FAA, described what he saw on the scene and answered preliminary questions.

MCRPD officers on the scene said McCaa did not remember anything and there were no witnesses to the crash. The plane was left in the field with police tape around the crash site.

Lucas said no further information would be available until the FAA completed their investigation later today.