Spring evokes memories of baseball, family bonds

Spring holds a lot of meaning for many people.

The weather gets nicer, temperatures start going up and people become more active. With all of those things said, it also brings back America’s past time, baseball. We are just a few weeks away from Opening Day for Major League Baseball and college and high school baseball is also just around the corner.

Baseball holds a special place in my heart like I know it does for so many people around the world. I started playing baseball when I was 5 years old. My dad was coaching high school baseball at Elk County Catholic High School in Saint Marys, where I am from.

Not only did he coach them, he was my coach, mentor, idol and dad all in one. That is when I fell in love with the sport. Watching my dad coach, seeing how the game was played and wanting to be like him someday was a dream of mine and still is. Every spring we were at the park playing ball. We would practice for hours trying to become the best player I could be.

From T-ball all the way up through high school, baseball was what I put all of my time into. Having someone like my dad supporting me every step of the way was a huge confidence boost and helped shape me into the player I was and the man I am today.

Spring time is a time for renewal and creating new leafs in life. Spring and baseball together have the same purpose in my eyes. When the new season rolls around it is yet another opportunity to rekindle a bond stronger than steel with a man that, to me, has always been Superman. Watching, playing, discussing, analyzing and really anything having to do with the sport brings us closer together than any bond ever could.

Baseball is bigger than the sport itself. Baseball is like a family. Individually you may be good and secure. When you are bonding with your family members the team is stronger than it ever could be when they are apart. For decades the sport has brought fathers and sons, or even father and daughter duos together. A bond that will never broken.

I’ve watched baseball from a young age and it continues to be my favorite of all the major sports.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The leaves come back, the sun and temperatures rise, all the animals are back running around, the birds are singing once again. Then you hear the sweetest sound of all, the crack of a 400-foot bomb leaving the bat. The ball travels to straight away center field, only one person can make the play. He jumps up, climbing the wall and robs the home run! Spring is the start and rebirth of the best sports season in the world. Baseball will always hold a

special place in my heart because of my dad. Thank you, spring, but most importantly thank you dad. If it was not for you I would never have fell in love with the game that has brought us together over the years.

Welcome spring time and thank you so much for Opening Day baseball.


Lucas Lenze is a reporter with The (Lewistown) Sentinel.


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