Sweet summertime

Ahh, the warm sunshine, the long days, the late-night campfires with s’mores and giggling kids. The trips to the beach where we enjoy a glimpse of another world, were life is carefree and morning alarms are silenced.

One of the things I look forward to the most in summer is our trip to the ocean. The sunrises, the sunsets, the sounds, the smells, ice cream and outdoor concerts. A time of refreshing.

The ocean is so beautiful, standing next to it and taking in the endless shimmer of water and the long stretches of beach always make me feel so small. Yet somehow it makes me feel so close to creation and its creator. It’s strange really the questions that often come to mind when we contemplate the vastness of creation and how we got here and what our purpose is.

I think trying to understand it all is like standing there at the ocean’s edge and reaching down into that endless sea of water and trying to hold it in your hand. You can see it and you can even feel it, but you can’t keep it in your hand. You actually can only hold a few drops of it. And in one sense you are holding the ocean in your hand but such a tiny portion of it.

And so, it is with life, we may only understand a tiny portion of it when there is so much more then we see and comprehend, but the mystery is the most beautiful part of it. There is always something more to dream, think and wonder about, there will always be unanswered questions and that’s OK!

So, in the meantime take time to see the magic that is in everyday life and the beauty and mystery of creation. Enjoy life, challenge yourself, find beauty everywhere. Rather it’s your back yard garden or a hike up Jacks Mountain to a look out to watch shooting stars or vacationing along the most beautiful beaches or hiking in Yosemite, live every moment to the fullest and enjoy every long summer day!


Sarah Hulburt is an advertising representative at The Sentinel.