A day at the beach

The warm sand feels rolls under my feet as I run toward the big waves. I hear the ocean roaring like a lion wild and beautiful. The waves crash in front of me spraying salty water on my face and I giggle as daddy lifts me high above the next wave and spins me around. I feel the hot sun wrapping around me like a fuzzy blanket and skip towards the waters edge to feel the next cold wave wash its cool, refreshing spray over my burning skin. The giant ocean uses its icy cold fingers to pull the sand from under my toes as it races back out toward the sky.

We scoop and dig and press the sand until we have a magical land of castles. I imagine tiny kings and queens in them ruling their sandy kingdoms. But soon the giant ocean reaches the castle walls and the sand kingdom is helpless against the cold giants smashing blows. I jump as the lifeguard’s screechy whistle pierces the air, no more swimming because the dolphins are here. I leap for joy as a dolphin shoots out of the water swaying like a dancer, then disappears with a loud slap of his tail.

Mommy gets out a kite and shows me how the wind grabs it and flings it wildly into the clouds. I run and run as the kite pulls me along; I wish the wind could pick me up and fly me through the clouds, it looks like such fun to be a kite.

As the sun goes down and winks it’s sleepy goodbye, we will go home and I will dream of our magical day at the beach.


Sarah Hulburt is an advertising representative at The Sentinel.