MCIDC redevelopment planning continues locally

LEWISTOWN — During Monday’s quarterly Board of Directors meeting of the Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation, members discussed possible investments in three different redevelopment projects in the MCIDC Plaza.

The first is razing and preparing a footprint of an area known as Building 5C. Second was the same process for an area known as Building 34. The third is the rehabilitation of a second floor space, located in Building 58: the CareerLink Building.

MCIDC President/CEO Nick Felice reviewed progress on these projects.

“Hazardous materials present in 5C, has been abated,” Felice said. “Preliminary engineering has been underway and is nearing completion. When complete, demolition and construction estimates will be developed and methods of funding will be identified. With costs known, MCIDC will approach potential tenants seeking a commitment to invest in the construction of a new warehouse on the site. Excepting asbestos abatement, the same is true for the Building 34 site.

“Concerning the second floor of Building 58 above the CareerLink, an engineering and architectural study of effective reuse of the space has been completed. In the past, the room housed some sort of product mixing. The ceiling is high, the floor is concrete and the ambiance is truly industrial. If the space was located in downtown Manhattan, it would be renovated and turned into two apartments with rents in the thousands. The space would need an elevator and two stairwells installed to make it a viable as office space. High ceilings would allow for the construction of a mezzanine, increasing the amount of square footage. We could develop it into 5,000 square feet of rentable office space. It is good to know what renovation costs we’re facing should we have a prospective tenant at some point in the future.”

Written reporting from the meeting indicated continued investments in the MCIDC Plaza buildings and facilities. Concrete floor repairs, roof replacement, partition wall removal and replacement have been or will be completed.

“While capital project spending is complete for the year, maintenance expenditures remain steady and necessary,” Felice said. “Older buildings require repairs. Most often these fixes are needed in heavily used areas. MCIDC budgeted a quarter million dollars for maintenance during 2021. We’ll exceed this by at least $100,000. Fortunately, we are blessed with strong cash flow and have the resources to effect repairs in a timely fashion. This keeps our tenants operating and able to keep making payroll.”

MCIDC is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to promote growth of employment and income in Mifflin County. For more information go to www.mcidc.org.


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