4-H to resume in person activity in 2021

LEWISTOWN–2020 has been anything but a typical year for a lot of clubs and organizations across the country.

For the Mifflin County 4-H group that was also the case. When COVID-19 forced the group to stop all in person actvites, they ended up going into a holding pattern. The club shut down in March, but restarted meeting virtually in April. During the month of no meeting, the members of 4-H were trying to figure out how they could go forward during the pandemic.

Skylar Peters, 4-H /Youth Development Educator, was very happy to learn that they would get to hold in perosn events starting again in 2021.

“It is very exciting. I am very proud of all of our kids, parents and volunteers for staying resilliant through the whole pandemic,” she said. The group never officially shut down, but instead took a different approach to getting out information.

The extension office still sent out their monthly newsletters that had some different activities for the kids to participate in while keeping them safe and healthy during the pandemic. Some events included a Social Distancing and Wellness Bingo, 4-H book club metings and QuaranTEEN meetings.

When the club does come back to meeting in person starting in January, they will be following the guidlines set out by the CDC. Social distancing and masks wearing will be followed. Meetings will be held in the classrooms of the extension office. If the weather gets nicer, on certain meeting days, the clubs will utilize the Youth Park in Reedsville. Using the park would allow for activities to take place with easier opportunity to social distance.

Peters wanted to extend a thank you to the volunteers in the club.

“I am grateful for all the 4-H volunteers who have been working so hard through this whole pandemic.”


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