Mifflin County represented at state Farm Bureau meeting

LEWISTOWN–Mifflin County’s Policy Development Chair Ernie Harrop represented Mifflin County at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau state PDC meeting, Oct. 24 at Camp Hill. Below is a list of the Mifflin County policies submitted and where they are in the process. If you have a question or concern you may contact Ernie Harrop.

¯We recommend all commercial vehicles hauling perishable farm products be exempt from all state of emergency restrictions. This was amended to read: We recommend all commercial vehicles hauling perishable farm products be exempt from weather related “States of Emergency”.

¯We recommend all government bodies be prohibited from levying any fees or taxes on rain water falling on impervious surfaces. The rule was deleted.(PFB, pg. 42, Stormwater and erosion Control, line 4)

¯We passed the recommend no Dairy Check Off monies be allocated to the GenYouth program.

¯We recommend USDA propose a more equitable formula for pricing milk. They deleted rule nine (Philosophical and does not express a specific course of action.)

¯We passed the recommend the US Secretary of Agriculture be required to call for a referendum on the Dairy Check Off program every 5 years.

¯We recommend that the PA Farm Bureau encourage the PA Insurance Commissioner to allow the PA Farm Bureau to once again offer a group health insurance plan to PFB members. Rule 10 was deleted but already achieved.

¯We passed the recommend the State DOT require weight and inspection stickers be placed in the top left corner of a vehicles windshield for easier access.

¯We recommend companies leasing land for solar panels and wind mills be required to pay for disposal of them when they are no longer useful or un-operational. It was amended to read: We recommend that companies who lease land for solar panels and wind energy projects be required to pay decommissioned bonds that cover all of the disposal costs for equipment once it is no longer useful or operational.

¯We recommend total elimination of the PMMB and deleted in favor of Resolution W-44 which reads, “We recommend the elimination of PMMB”.

¯We recommend that the Dairy co-ops be prohibited from supporting any further proposals or additions in the FARM Program without a prior vote by all of their members. Deleted Rule 14 says deals with matters other than matters normally associated with policy or the goals and objectives of our organization.

¯We recommend that hunting related trespass complaints be handled by the State Police not the Game Commission. This rule was the deleted rule 10 which was already achieved.


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