Annual wool pool set for June 13

The Centre County Sheep and Wool Growers have committed the 2017 wool clip to Groenewold Fur and Wool Company, Forreston, Illinois. The per pound bid prices from the various grades of wool are as follows:

¯ Fine — $1.50

¯ 1/2 — $0.90

¯ 3/8 — $0.65

¯ Low 1/4, coarse wool — $0.35

¯ Black — $0.20

Please note the above prices are a good-faith estimate. The wool company has assured it will do

they best it can on pool day. Try to keep quality fleeces together to make certain they are not contaminated by lower-quality fleeces.

The 2017 Wool Pool will constitute a marketing system that may be new to some. All wool will be shipped in plastic or burlap wool bags only. These bags may be purchased from the Centre County Sheep and Wool Growers for $5 per bag. Shippers with small clips may want to share a bag.

Those needing these wool bags for the placing for their wool before the pool date may pick them up on a first-come, first-serve basis from Dirk Wise, Spring Mills, Centre County, (814) 422-8452. Wool bags may also be purchased for future years’ shipments at the pool on June 13. If purchasing bags for this year’s shipment on pool day, producers are responsible for bagging their own wool.

Be prepared to pay the following handling charges toward the cost of marketing wool: 1-6 bags shipped, $3; 7-14 bags shipped, $6; and more than 14 bags, $11.

Wool should be brought to the pool bagged loose.

Participants can also help load wool into the shipping truck. Wool will be shipped to Groenewold Company and will be graded by

the wool company, with payment made directly to you by the company. One cent per pound will be deducted by the wool company and sent to the state association as mandated. Also bring a mailing label with name and address to speed check-in.

Pick-up locations and times:

¯ Centre County Grange Fair Grounds, just inside

Gate 4, Homan Lane, Centre Hall, Tuesday, June 13, 9-10 a.m.

¯ Mifflin County Youth Park, Reedsville, Tuesday, June 13, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Wool must be brought to the above locations during the designated times only and do not drop wool off and leave or

wool will not be placed on the truck.


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