Administration provides update on statewide ‘Resurface PA’ initiative

HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is moving ahead with accelerated repaving contracts after applying more than 109,000 tons of patching material and improving more than 1,000 miles of roads through July to deal with the widespread outbreak of potholes following the long destructive winter season.

“PennDOT has accelerated its work to repair potholes and resurface roads after a difficult winter, but more work is required, and our paving contracts are aimed at shoring up pavements to better resist pothole formation,” Governor Tom Wolf said in a press release. “With 40,000 miles of road to maintain, PennDOT faces a tough challenge fixing every pavement problem, but its crews have worked tirelessly to address the problems.”

Under the Resurface PA initiative, PennDOT has mounted a campaign to accelerate repaving interstates and attacking potholes across the state’s 40,000 miles of PennDOT-maintained roads, the nation’s fifth largest such system. The program calls for an additional $7 million being invested in seven interstate maintenance projects covering potholes and other repairs on 78 miles of roads this year. In addition, these additional investments are planned:

¯ $30 million in transportation infrastructure investment funding for interstate improvements;

¯$60 million in PennDOT investments from interstate-project bid savings being reinvested in resurfacing; and

¯$62 million in additional funding for interstate preservation projects.

Together, these commitments will make 17 interstate paving and preservation projects covering 255 miles happen at least two years sooner than scheduled, with projects beginning this year and next year. These accelerated projects, which will preserve the pavement surfaces for at least five to six years, build on the 85 interstate projects covering more than 775 miles that are underway or expected to begin or finish this year.

Roads were repaired in every PA county, including routes 22, 75, 104, 235, 333 and 850, as well as five secondary routes in Juniata County and Route 2002 in Mifflin County. Some of the paving contracts that are in process or design include interstates 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 84, 95, 180, 380 and 376.

Department forces improved more than 1,800 miles of roads between January and the beginning of August, including pothole and other work. Also, the number of pothole concerns reported to PennDOT this year climbed to 15,154 through the end of July. The investment in pothole repairs totaled $41 million through July and an additional $31 million in repairs is planned through October. This is in addition to the “Resurface PA” contracted paving.

Motorists can report potholes and other highway-maintenance concerns on state routes at or by calling PennDOT’s toll-free hotline at 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623). The 1-800-FIX-ROAD number should not be used to report traffic accidents, disabled vehicles or other emergencies.

Motorists are asked to be as specific as possible when providing locations of maintenance concerns. Motorists should report the county, municipality, street name, and state route number, which can be found on small black and white signs posted along state highways. In addition, PennDOT saida description of any familiar landmarks would be helpful for locating the problem area.