U.S. SENATE — 6-year term

Name: Katie McGinty

Resides: Philadelphia

Email: info@katiemcginty.com

Campaign website: www.katiemcginty.com

Age: 53

Party affiliation: Democrat

Occupation/work history: Former chief of staff to Governor Tom Wolf; former secretary of environmental protection to Governor Ed Rendell; former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality to President Bill Clinton. Worked in private industry in the renewable energy and clean water space.

Education: B.S. Chemistry. Summa Cum Laude, Saint Joseph’s University, J.D. Columbia University School of Law

Family: Daughters Tara, Alana and Allie and husband Karl Hausker

Clubs, organizations and special interests: Formerly a board member of WITF, the SJU board of trustees and our church’s pastor support council. I have helped many non-profits, especially in the clean energy and environmental arena.

Interests include: I love the outdoors and we spend a lot of time at our state and federal parks and forests. I also value family time and we have a lot of fun with my seven surviving brothers and sisters and their families. We love dogs — our own two and many that we help rescue, foster and train. Finally, I am passionate about exercise and can be found very early most mornings at the gym.

Have you ever run for or held an elected position?

2014 candidate for governor

Are you in favor of the Affordable Care Act? If so, why, and if not, what should be done differently?

The Affordable Care Act needs to be improved — especially and most urgently, rising health care costs need to be brought down. The law made important progress in eliminating pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps, while requiring parity in the coverage of mental and behavioral health. To bring down costs, I’d push hard to repeal the prohibition on negotiating prescription costs. This shows the lobby power of big pharmaceuticals, but makes no sense and is unfair to consumers. I will also push for transparency so consumers know the cost of a procedure in advance and can shop around.

If elected what can be done to get the economy moving again and help unemployed Pennsylvanians get back to work?

My entire campaign has been focused on policies that jump start economic growth with a focus on middle class jobs. In the Senate, I will advocate for policies that do just that by rebuilding our manufacturing sector and investing in our infrastructure to help create good-paying jobs. I will also work against bad trade deals that ship jobs overseas, and instead provide tax incentives for companies to keep their operations on American soil and employ American workers. I’ll also support training programs that help workers get the 21st century skills employers are looking for.

What efforts do you advocate to prevent further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil?

ISIS poses a significant threat to our country, our allies and our national security interests. I support intensified air strikes against ISIS, continued efforts to aid and assist local security forces on the ground and working to stop ISIS from using cyberspace to radicalize individuals and inspire terror worldwide. We must also ensure ISIS cannot export terror to other countries by working with — and sharing intelligence with — our allies in the region to stabilize Syria and Libya. Here at home, I support closing dangerous loopholes in our visa waiver program and those that allow suspected terrorists to buy guns.

Should the United States be taking in more refugees from Syria and other nations? Why or why not?

The safety of Pennsylvania families is my top priority and I support efforts to make certain that we are making the best, most thoughtful and effective decisions about admitting more refugees while also showing compassion to those who are truly seeking asylum. I supported bipartisan efforts passed by Congress last year to strengthen our vetting and security processes. Going forward, I believe we must continually evaluate our policies and ensure that the State Department and Homeland Security have the resources and tools they need to vet all refugee applicants thoroughly.

What can be done to curb gun violence in this country?

I come from a family of hunters. I truly believe that we can both respect and honor the Second Amendment rights of gun owners while also making reforms to reduce gun violence and keep Americans safe. In the Senate, I will advocate for sensible, bipartisan reforms like increased background checks and closing the loophole that allows terrorists to purchase guns. These are the kind of commonsense reforms that I believe both responsible gun owners and advocates of gun safety reforms can and do support.