Good customer service makes all the difference

Dear Heloise: CUSTOMER SERVICE is so important. General-merchandise stores sell the exact same merchandise — it’s usually the service that makes the difference. As a customer, please pass along my hints to store employees:

* Keep the sales floor clean and neat. I know customers can make a mess.

* Please don’t engage in personal conversations with co-workers that I can overhear, and please don’t text on your cellphone when I’m asking you a question.

* Monitor the fitting room. Politely tell me the rules, as some stores have different rules.

* Make sure all items have their correct tags on them.

* Be patient, as the new chip-reading cards take longer to process.

Thanks for letting me vent. — A Reader, via email

Most stores want to make the customer happy, but there always are a few workers who stand out for good service. Tell them “thanks”! — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I live alone, and my friends tease me about how I keep house. But my shower, I have to say, is a lot cleaner since I learned this hint: I leave my shower door open after use. This allows the water to evaporate and not turn into mold so easily.

I also run a squeegee over the walls every other day to further cut down on yuckiness. — T.C. in Ohio

Dear Heloise: I love the vintage suitcases from the 1960s. Some of my suitcases are designer and pricey.

To protect them and preserve their shape, I store my off-season clothes in them. And I throw in some sachets or used fabric-softener sheets for freshness. — Sam R., Arlington, Texas

Dear Readers: A moistened coffee filter works wonders over a plate or bowl of food in the microwave. It keeps the moisture in the food, not escaping it! — Heloise

Dear Heloise: Did you know that if you find a stray pill at the bottom of your purse or in a drawer somewhere, you can go to the computer and look up what the medication is?

There is a sequence of numbers printed on the pills. Type that number into the computer; it will tell you what the pill is.

I wouldn’t use the pill, certainly, because you don’t know how old it is, and it’s probably dirty, but at least you will know what the medication is. — Pamela N., Bakersfield, Calif.

You are correct! Do not take a pill you find in your purse or otherwise — not safe, for many reasons. — Heloise

P.S. While on the subject, if you have grandchildren or small children, be aware that they may find some pills in the bottom of your purse!