FoxPro backs Renovo outdoors show in August

SOUTH RENOVO – Lewistown-based FoxPro is reaching out to a north-central Pennsylvania town to sponsor its outdoors show next month.

FoxPro, a nationally known predator call maker, is presenter of the show at Citizen’s Hose Co. on Aug. 23.

The shows hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in and outside the firehall in this sleepy little mountain town. The station is at 415 4th St.

Bee O’Brien, event organizer, said the event is for more than those enjoy hunting fur bearers, but all sportsmen who enjoy spending time in the outdoors.

“Anybody that participates in outdoors activities would enjoy this event and it’s fun for the whole family and best of all admission into the event is free,” O’Brien said. “This event also has a small friendly feel to it. The selection of vendors was done carefully and I think we have some of the best.”

This year the event will feature more than 20 vendors from turkey call makers, predator call makers, local retail businesses, custom trailcam makers, hunting lights, custom fly rod makers, fly tying, outdoor related organizations, trapping suppliers, which are just a vast selection of vendors overall, O’Brien said.

“FoxPro became the major sponsor thanks in part to their field staff member Kirk McKendree. Kirk has done a wonderful job in helping promote the event and help them get on board,” O’Brien said.

FoxPro not only is promoting and sponsoring the event, but is sending McKendree to hold a seminar as well, from 2 to 4 p.m.

“This is one of the hottest seminars in the region right now. Kirk’s seminars are usually standing room only and anyone wishing to catch it should arrive with plenty of time to spare,” O’Brien said.

McKendree has a huge Internet following from social media and online forums, O’Brien said. Hevi-Shot, ammunition company and another sponsor of McKendree, will be there with him.

“He has managed to put up outstanding numbers considering he hunts in the toughest state to hunt predators, especially coyotes. His seminars are entertaining even for those that don’t hunt predators. He’s got a great presence when he takes the stage. Highly entertaining,” O’Brien said.

In addition to McKendree, master falconer Fran Gray, of Centre County, will be giving a seminar from 11 a.m. to noon.

“Last here he failed to capture a live bird for his seminar, but he promises to have one there this year. He covers the basics of falconry hunting here in Pa., from techniques to regulations,” O’Brien said.

Admission and seminars are free, with limited seating.

A number of prizes will be raffled off.

O’Brien said last year’s event made it one of the best fundraisers the fire company participated in, ever.

“This area has vast mountains and is part of the PA Wilds so it only makes sense to have an event here that relates to the tradition on hunting and fishing in the area,” he said.

More information is available on Facebook by searching 2014 FoxPro Presents 2014 Citizen’s Hose Company of South Renovo Outdoor Show or by calling (570) 295-0038.