15-year-olds repeat Babe Ruth history

MILROY — If you could have read the Babe Ruth tea leaves, you would have known that Mifflin County was headed to Longview, Wash. for the 15-year-old Babe Ruth World Series.

Here’s why:

¯ Mifflin County has gone to four World Series. 2002-2004, 2016-2018. Do you see the sequence?

¯ In 2004, Mifflin County hosted the 15-year-old Mid-Atlantic Regional, won and then left for Longview, Wash. Fourteen years later, Mifflin County again hosted the Mid-Atlantic 15-year-old regional and again the World Series is in Longveiw.

¯ In 2016, the Mifflin County 13-year-olds beat a team three times in a row — Perry County. The first two times in district play and then in the first game of the state playoffs. In 2018, the Mifflin County 15-year-olds beat a team twice in districts — Altoona — and then beat them again in the first game of the state playoffs.

¯In 2004, the manager of the 15-year-old team was the late Fred Zook. Zook also coached the Mifflin County 14-year-olds in 2003. Justin Yoder is the manager of the Mifflin County 2018 15-year-old team and in 2017, he was the manager of the Mifflin County 14-year-old All-Stars.

¯ In the Mid-Atlantic finals against Maryland in 2004, the local All-Stars had a field day as it beat Maryland by a score of 15-6 — a nine run margin. Just this past Monday, Mifflin County whipped West End of Williamsaport, 14-5, for another nine run margin.

In life, sometimes things just have a way of working out.