Dietrich controls final 6 laps for Williams Grove win

MECHANICSBURG – Danny Dietrich and Ryan Wilson are good friends off the racetrack, but there are no breaks when it comes to sprint car racing on track.

Dietrich drove by his friend with six laps to go and scored his eighth career win Friday night at Williams Grove Speedway. The win was worth $3,600.

Rookie driver Austin Hogue started on the pole and Wilson passed Justin Barger to move into second on the first lap. Dietrich started fourth.

Hogue had built a comfortable lead by the time the first caution flag flew on lap seven for Mark Coldren’s fourth turn spin, which occurred in front of the leaders.

Hogue was running the bottom and Wilson got a great run off the outside of turn two following two more restarts. They were nose-to-tail down the backstretch and into turn three. Hogue led lap eight as the caution flag flew again.

Hogue went to the bottom again on the restart and Wilson got a great run off the top again. He was under the leader down the back-stretch and into turn three, but Hogue led. Wilson blasted around the top again in turns one and two to get by Hogue off the corner for the lead.

Dietrich moved around Hogue and into second, but Wilson was able to pull away with momentum off the outside lane.

Wilson maintained control until they reached lapped traffic.

Wilson checked-up hard entering turn three with the lapped car of Brock Zearfoss just in front of him. This allowed Dietrich to close dramatically on the bottom. Dietrich got inside of Wilson off turn two and they were side-by-side down the back-stretch with Zearfoss in front of the leaders. Wilson was forced to check-up again and Dietrich got by on the bottom and into the lead.

Dietrich controlled the final six laps to score his first Williams Grove win of the season and second overall on the 2014 season.

“We were pretty good on the bottom, but the top was the place to be,” Dietrich said. “I’m glad we had those restarts, because it took me until the fourth one to find the bottom. It felt good to stick it down there. Once I got to second, I was waiting on lapped traffic. His car was better than mine. Like usual, second place is better to be in lapped traffic. That’s what I was hoping for. We were tight up there, but that’s where you had to be. Huge props to Ryan Wilson, he did a heck of a job.”

Wilson secured his best career 410 sprint finish in second with Mark Smith crossing third, Lance Dewease fourth and Hogue fifth.

“I want to win really bad and this is our first top five – maybe top 10 – at Williams Grove,” Wilson said. “I was driving extremely hard because I really wanted to win.”

Alan Krimes, Adam Wilt, Brian Leppo (subbing for Brian Montieth), Chad Layton and Greg Hodnett rounded out the top 10.

Hodnett, Wilt and Layton won the 10-lap heat races for the 24-car field of 410 sprints.

Phil Walter led the first 12 laps of the 358 sprint car feature before dropping out, handing the lead to Adrian Shaffer with defending track champion Kevin Nouse in second.

Nouse and Shaffer were close on the front-stretch in lapped traffic with three laps to go. Shaffer was on the bottom and Nouse on the top. Nouse switched lanes off turn four and drove to the inside down the frontstretch and into turn one to take the lead.

Nouse scored his first Grove win of the season over Shaffer, Brock Zearfoss, Scot Fisher and Tyler Esh.

Shaffer, Duane Watson and Nouse won the eight-lap heat races for the 21 car field of 358 sprints.