Cannon, Schuchart notch wins

MECHANICSBURG – Pat Cannon and Logan Schuchart scored sprint car wins during the twin 20s program at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night.

Fred Rahmer drove by Lance Dewease on the front stretch and into the lead in the first 20-lap feature. Cannon, the track’s all-time win leader in 358 sprints, went from third to second and Donnie Kreitz from sixth to third.

Rahmer, the sprint car point leader, broke in turns one and two on lap six handing the lead to Cannon. Rahmer’s car slowed to a stop on the back stretch bringing out the caution flag.

Greg Hodnett and Brian Leppo swapped the fifth spot following the restart with Leppo getting ahead. Cannon began to streak away from Kreitz with seven laps to go.

Cannon, of Etters, got the $2,500 win over Kreitz, Dewease, Logan Schuchart, and Leppo. It was his second career 410 win at the Grove. The other came in March 2008.

“It seems like forever since we’ve been standing out here with the 410,” Cannon said. “We’ve been struggling all year with motor issues and car issues. We kept working on it and didn’t give up. A couple of times, I think we all wanted to give up. Nothing beats standing here.”

Hodnett, Alan Krimes, Steve Buckwalter, Cory Haas and Chad Layton completed the top 10.

“I got off to a great start and kept it rolling through there,” Cannon said. “You never know with Donnie Kreitz and Lance Dewease behind you. I kept pushing. I knew somebody would have to be good to get by us on the bottom. It’s always good to stand in victory lane at Williams Grove, especially with a 410.”

An inversion of six was used for the second feature, putting Hodnett and Leppo on the front row.

Leppo grabbed the lead and pulled away. Danny Dietrich spun in turn two bringing out the caution flag.

Schuchart passed Dewease for third on the restart. Leppo got to lapped traffic in six laps with a half-straightaway lead.

Leppo struggled to lap cars allowing Hodnett and Schuchart to close dramatically. However, the caution flag flew when Cory Haas stopped on the front stretch on lap nine.

Leppo had a big lead, but caught lapped traffic once again with six laps to go. Hodnett closed again and was on Leppo’s bumper at the flagstand. Leppo put a slider on a lapped car in turn four to get some breathing room as Schuchart got Hodnett for second.

Schuchart closed on the leader and then Leppo threw a huge block on Schuchart entering the first turn on the final lap. Hodnett tried to pass both on the outside, but Schuchart slid high forcing Hodnett over the second turn cushion.

Schuchart ducked under Leppo in turn three and emerge the leader as they raced off turn four. He got the $2,500 win over Leppo, Hodnett, Dewease and Kreitz. Cannon, Krimes, Layton, Adam Wilt and Brent Marks completed the top 10.

“I felt better as I kept going and I could really run hard,” Schuchart said. “I’m tired of losing and I ran it as hard as I could. Lapped traffic was a big deal. It was definitely exciting in the seat. I didn’t know Greg was there until I moved up and saw his nose wing.”

Kreitz Jr. set fast time over the 28-car field with a lap of 16.927. The top 12 drivers in qualifying were locked into the first 20-lap feature with an inversion of six. The remainder of the cars were split into two 10-lap qualifying races won by Layton and Wilt.