Rothrock remembers

It was Saturday, March 23, 1963 – 50 years ago today.

Rothrock High School was challenging defending champion Jim Thorpe for the Class C state title. It was a tie, and the Eagles had possession in the final seconds. Then they didn’t. Then they did – but time was about to expire.

No one could have fathomed the final shot by Jim Allgyer. The ball was inbounded to Ron Freed, who passed the ball to Allgyer and set up a screen.

“It was the perfect setup,” George Piper recalls. “Freed was the perfect assist guy, and Allgyer was our best shooter.”

Allgyer heaved up a 40-foot desperation shot that found nothing but net.

“I knew the clock was running out,” Allgyer says. “It was just a fortunate thing that it went in.”

Pandemonium followed as 500-plus Rothrock fans rushed the floor to celebrate.

The next day Mifflin County rolled out the red carpet for its state champions.

Hear the final moments of the game as called by Fran Fisher for WKVA in an exclusive Sentinel video.