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What can be done to make our voices heard in D.C.?

September 17, 2009
By Lisa Nancollas, guest columnist

"Where is America heading?" I have been asking myself that question every day. I don't like the direction that America is taking and I feel powerless to stop it. I don't feel my voice is being heard. But, what do I do to rectify the situation?

I joined the 9-12 Project of Central PA, a local group of Americans who marched from Freedom Park to the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Sept. 12 to protest President Barack Obama's health care plan.

Like other Americans, I feel Obama's health care plan is not suitable for my family or for the country. This was a way for me and many other Americans to express our dissatisfaction with the proposed health care plan and our objections to many of the president's polices.

This event was intended for Americans to come together to fight for common principles and common values that our founding fathers formulated and fought for.

So my trip to D.C. with the 9-12 Project "is not about politics, it is about taking back America." Over a million people - including people from Hawaii, Obama's, so-called home state - marched on Washington D.C. that day. I and 32 other local patriots from the area were among the million people who could not keep silent anymore.

Devin Reinhardt, 23, of Milroy, did not keep silent. As he was marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, Devin said "they have forgotten they work for us. They are worried about being re-elected and not upholding the constitution. I love this country and the USA is the best county in the world. Many soliders gave their last breath so that I may live free."

I agree with Devin and I must say from the signs I read - such as "Re-Elect No One!", "Taxed Enough Already!", "Stop Socialized Medicine!", "Freedom of Speech Does Not Equal Domestic Terrorism!", "Never Again in 2010!", and "USA Today USSR Tomorrow!" - I think most people at the rally would agree

with him. I know Steve Dubus, 47, of Easley, S.C., would agree.

Mr. Dubus, who also marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Washington Capitol Building in the protest, told me he was a Libertarian who was "tired of being taken for granted by federal government." Mr. Dubus is a private business owner and is also "concerned about the excessive regulations that would be placed on his business."

He said, "I have enough regulations to deal with now, I don't want more government regulations!"

Centre County resident Peter Trippett, who also is president of the Central PA 9-12 Project, was introduced to the idea from watching the Glenn Beck show. Mr. Trippett was "sick of both parties and also felt his voice wasn't being heard and was very concerned about the direction in which the country was headed."

Mr. Trippett said, "I felt more and more desperate as the new administration came in, and started spending money faster than it had been spent by all previous administrations combined. I watched my hard earned dollars going to bail out giant corporations and fund new social programs and fund organizations that oppose my political views."

Well, Mr Reinhardt, Mr. Dubus and Mr. Trippett, I must say from the turnout at the rally that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings about this administration.

As I sat on the Capitol lawn and listened to the speakers and the chanting from my fellow patriots, such as "Can you Hear Us Now?" and "You Work For Us!", I realized that we must succeed in our goal of waking up President Obama and Congress. We have to make them listen and change their ways before they bankrupt this great country.


Lisa Verlato Nancollas resides in Lewistown and has served as treasurer for the Mifflin County Republican Party.



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