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Congress needs to stand up and stop Obama from closing Gitmo

November 10, 2015 Our system of government uses Congress as a vehicle to both reflect the will of the people and at times provide leadership that may not be reflected in public opinion. more »»

Second thoughts on second chances

November 9, 2015 America has been a land of second chances for many people. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s call for better efforts to integrate ex-convicts into society probably will resonate among many. more »»

Setting limits on children’s ‘screen time’ is more important than ever

November 7, 2015 Many people still remember a time when it was the number of hours children spent in front of “the boob tube” that was worrisome. Technology has made that an old-fashioned concern. more »»

Obama continues his unrealistic strategy to deal with IS in Syria

November 6, 2015 Members of U.S. military special operations units are very, very good at what they do. But they are not that goo. more »»

Conservatives must use 2017 deadline as means for spending discipline

November 5, 2015 Conservatives in Congress made a mistake by approving a two-year federal budget. President Barack Obama could barely contain his glee over the measure. more »»

It’s time to support the election winners

November 4, 2015 With Election Day now behind us, it certainly has been refreshing to see the high level of enthusiasm exhibited by area residents for many of the local races in this year’s election. more »»

Winners of local races will have biggest impact on our daily lives

November 3, 2015 Let’s say for a minute that there are two major road construction projects going on — one in Gary, Indiana and the other in Lewistown. more »»

Robo-cop out

November 2, 2015 Many of us are aggravated by “robocalls” to our cell phones from people attempting to sell us things or convince us to donate to allegedly worthy cause. more »»

Boehner tried to ‘clean the barn’ for Ryan but did just the opposite

October 31, 2015 Let us hope U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the new speaker of the House of Representatives, is as creative, energetic and dedicated to reform as his record seems to indicate. more »»

It’s up to adults to make sure kids are safe this Halloween

October 30, 2015 Youngsters decked out as everything from princesses to zombies will be ringing doorbells throughout the our area during the next few evenings, primed to yell “trick or treat” when someone opens the... more »»

Why can’t Congress hold anyone in government accountable?

October 29, 2015 Look under “accountability” in the dictionary and who knows whose pictures you may see? What will not accompany the text is a portrayal of a federal bureaucrat. more »»

Ryan should stand firm, insist on making impactful spending cuts

October 28, 2015 Obviously, it would be better for all involved if Rep. Paul Ryan takes office as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives with the cleanest slate possible before him. Ryan, R-Wis. more »»

More money must be provided for substance abuse treatment programs

October 27, 2015 The tried-and-failed liberal approach of throwing money at the nation’s challenges has never worked — and never will. more »»

Close watch needs to kept over troops in Afghanistan

October 26, 2015 President Barack Obama may have begun doing the right thing in Afghanistan — but time will tell whether he will follow through. more »»

To stop scandals at VA, Congress needs to order total housecleaning

October 24, 2015 Allison Hickey may have resigned as head of the Veterans Benefits Administration just in time to avoid being caught in the middle of a scandal. more »»

Problem isn’t lack of taxes, it’s overabundance of spending

October 22, 2015 The government needs more of our money, liberal politicians insist. Really? During the fiscal year that ended Sept. more »»

Iran deal seems to be increasing likelihood of nuclear war in Middle East

October 22, 2015 Leaders in several Middle Eastern countries have seen the handwriting on the wall regarding U.S. acquiescence in a “deal” over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. more »»

Congress must find why North Korea strategy is failing, then make changes

October 21, 2015 U.S. officials are eager to conclude an Iran-style deal to prompt North Korea to scrap its nuclear arsenal, President Barack Obama said last Friday. more »»

Conservative Congress needs to get tough on curbing spending

October 20, 2015 During the next several weeks, conservative members of Congress will face a perfect storm of politics over government spending. more »»

Beware Pakistanis playing possum

October 19, 2015 A Pakistani official’s admission a few days ago does not exactly fall into the category of surprise of the century. more »»



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