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If Congress would, it could rein in Obama’s abuse of executive power

January 8, 2016 Members of Congress do not always get it right. But our system of government mandates that when corrections need to be made, they will be up to voters at the ballot box or, occasionally, the courts. more »»

Nuclear war is huge threat that our next president must face

January 7, 2016 Nuclear war is a “real and growing danger,” former defense Secretary William Perry warned last week. There can be no reasonable argument about that. What is open to question is what U.S. more »»

End-of-life counseling could be at top of slippery slope

January 6, 2016 Millions of older people who rely on Medicare will find the health care program is different this year. Several changes have been made to reduce costs and allegedly improve qualit. more »»

Social Security fix is needed sooner, not later

January 5, 2016 Another year has come and gone with neither Congress nor the White House doing anything to ensure Social Security is viable for future generations. more »»

It’s high time to put an end to ‘solar socialism’

January 4, 2016 Americans can only wonder how much good $38 billion would have done to help utilities find ways to burn coal with less impact on the environment. more »»

Happy New Year ... if Uncle Sam owes you money

January 2, 2016 Among America’s creditors, 2016 promises to be a good new year indeed. Our national debt will top $19 trillion sometime during the year. more »»

Avoid becoming a statistic; ring in the new year responsibly

December 31, 2015 If the trend during recent years holds true tonight, about 156 Americans will not live to see daylight on New Year’s Day. Please, don’t be among them. more »»

Islamic State isn’t the only radical Islamic group bent on harming the US

December 30, 2015 At least President Barack Obama no longer is talking in terms of “containing” Islamic State terrorists. Finally, as he told reporters last week, he is determined to destroy the murderous hord. more »»

Giving to others doesn’t have to stop after Christmas

December 28, 2015 Another Christmas is now history. Once again the compassionate folks in our area have worked something of a miracle for our less fortunate neighbors. more »»

Coal-dependent states will pay while others able to shirk the rules

December 26, 2015 You may have heard the suggestion that if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns. more »»

Peace on earth, good will toward men

December 24, 2015 The time leading up to Christmas for many of us is enough to make us all need a holiday. There’s the shopping, the planning, the cooking, the traveling, the wrapping of presents ... more »»

Somehow, Republicans keep allowing Obama, Democrats to win

December 23, 2015 It has been said President Barack Obama is focused on his legacy, on what is written about him in the history books. more »»

Relying on foes for essential defense equipment is foolhardy policy

December 22, 2015 One wonders what President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reaction would have been had, in 1936, a federal bean counter suggested to him that taxpayers’ money could be saved by purchasing engines for U.S. more »»

Attacks in Israel are hardly a ‘justifiable uprising’

December 21, 2015 Life in Israel has been risky business during the past several months. Scores of attacks by Palestinians using guns, knives and vehicles have made it so. more »»

Obama’s mistake on exchange for Bergdahl can’t ever be repeated

December 19, 2015 Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be tried by a general court-martial on charges he deserted his unit in Afghanistan and engaged in misbehavior before the enemy, the Army revealed this week. more »»

There’s no way around it; toppling IS will require use of ground troops

December 18, 2015 Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq are being attacked more vigorously than ever before, as President Barack Obama emphasized Monday. more »»

US officials rank saving face over defeating terrorists

December 17, 2015 More than 50 military intelligence analysts have said their conclusions about battling terrorists in Syria and Iraq were altered by U.S. more »»

Congress must demand it gets say on Paris climate change agreement

December 16, 2015 It probably will require weeks of examining and analyzing the Paris climate change agreement for Americans to understand fully what it means to us. more »»

Reforms must be made to fix problems within Secret Service

December 15, 2015 It should not surprise Americans that they have heard little recently about shortcomings at the Secret Service. more »»

Climate change is more about favored industries

December 14, 2015 Are liberals in Congress focused on battling climate change — or giving big tax breaks to wind and solar energy companies??There is a difference. Reports about negotiations on a $1. more »»



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