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Too many terrorist attacks? Kerry blames the press for reporting it

September 3, 2016 During a visit to Bangladesh Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry had some advice for the press: Stop scaring people. Cut back on those reports of terrorist atrocities. more »»

Drug offenders are deserving of more than mere slaps on the wrist

September 2, 2016 On Tuesday, President Barack Obama wielded that infamous pen of his to commute the sentences of 111 federal prisoners convicted of drug offenses. more »»

Faulty Obamacare should lead to less government control, not more

September 1, 2016 President Barack Obama’s signature federal takeover of health insurance clearly was a mistake. Millions of Americans are paying more, often much more, for coverage because of Obamacare. more »»

Both parties need to come together to rein in abuse of presidential power

August 31, 2016 Months ago, President Barack Obama pledged that the United States would accept 10,000 refugees from the civil war in Syria before the current fiscal year was out. more »»

Kaepernick’s decision is disappointing, but it is his right

August 30, 2016 As has been shown recently in these parts, having the right to say or do something and having the judgment to know whether it’s a good idea to say or do something are entirely different. more »»

We hope valuable lesson is learned from recent controversy

August 27, 2016 Throughout the past week, heated debate has taken place, both on this page and in other forums, regarding a controversial social media post by one of the Mifflin County Commissioners this past... more »»

Clinton only taking appearance of ethics seriously

August 26, 2016 With a presidential election on the line, Hillary Clinton is beginning to take ethics regarding her family’s Clinton Foundation seriousl. more »»

Emails case may be closed, but Clinton lying about it continues

August 25, 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has said repeatedly, sometimes under oath, that her lawyers and technicians turned over all the emails she stored illegally on a personal server while she was... more »»

USA can’t allow missteps of some athletes tarnish country’s image

August 24, 2016 Americans had every reason to puff out our chests in pride at how our athletes performed during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeir. more »»

Texas judge’s ruling helps rein in Obama’s latest power grab

August 23, 2016 Many, probably most, Americans agree government ought to stay out of our bedrooms. That is a reference to laws attempting to regulate private behavior including sex. more »»

Turkey needs to uphold human rights, reinstate free press

August 22, 2016 On Thursday, two leading media organizations representing news organizations around the world — the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers... more »»

Welcome home, champs!

August 20, 2016 If you’re a resident of Mifflin County whose home isn’t beneath a rock, then by now you’ve heard Mifflin County’s 13-year-olds all-star team won the Babe Ruth World Series Thursday night. more »»

If UN peacekeepers fail to keep peace, why do they exist?

August 19, 2016 When was the last time you remember reading of the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces actually keeping the peace? Been awhile, hasn’t it? More likely is that you have seethed over reports of the... more »»

Eradicating terrorists is only way to ensure they can’t attack us

August 18, 2016 A few weeks ago, we warned that defeating terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State on the battlefield probably will mean an increase in brutal attacks by their operatives. more »»

Kane’s resignation ends sad chapter in Pennsylvania’s history

August 17, 2016 The end of one of the saddest chapters in Pennsylvania history finally came to a long-overdue close Tuesday. more »»

Conservative warnings regarding Obamacare cost were warranted

August 16, 2016 Obamacare would cost far more than the White House was claiming, we cautioned when the federal health insurance takeover was being debated. more »»

Federal budget success? Deficit figures prove otherwise

August 15, 2016 President Barack Obama brags his stewardship over the federal budget has been praiseworthy. Why, spending deficits are going down, he proclaims. Wrong. more »»

Rising national debt is problem that won’t go away on its own

August 13, 2016 Congressional Budget Office analysts estimate the national debt, now at 75 percent of the gross national product, will grow to 86 percent in a decade. more »»

Good luck to our local kids at the Babe Ruth World Series

August 12, 2016 One of the complaints we hear with regularity is there isn’t enough good news in the paper, that all you ever hear about is the latest act of violence, tragedy or unintelligent comment a politician... more »»

Delta fiasco serves to illustrate the importance of computer security

August 11, 2016 Computer equipment went on the fritz at Delta Airlines this week. Tens of thousands of passengers and employees were affected by more than 1,000 canceled flights and 2,800 delayed takeoff. more »»



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