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Judge should deny Hinckley’s request for release

April 25, 2015 John Hinckley Jr. shot then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The attack nearly killed Reagan. His press secretary, James Brady, was left with permanent brain injury. more »»

If DEA head was handcuffed by rules, Congress only has self to blame

April 24, 2015 Drug Enforcement Agency head Michele Leonhart is retiring — forced out of office because members of Congress were angry she had not responded decisively to reports of wrongdoing among DEA agents. more »»

Communication crucial during Yemen blockade

April 23, 2015 When then-President John F. Kennedy used Navy vessels to blockade Cuba in 1963, he made it clear they were to prevent Soviet ships from delivering missiles to the island nation. U.S. more »»

‘Slightly’ increased deficit spending is no reason to celebrate

April 21, 2015 Federal deficit spending is up only “slightly” from last year’s levels, according to a report this past week. During the first six months of the fiscal year, deficit spending was $26. more »»

Voter registration deadline is today

April 20, 2015 Pennsylvania’s municipal primary election is only a month away, and today marks the deadline for area residents to register to vot. more »»

What will it take to restore fiscal sanity to U.S.?

April 18, 2015 Within a decade, the U.S. national debt, now $18.2 trillion, will soar to $27 trillion, the Congressional Budget Office predicts. more »»

Republicans aren’t the only ones against Iran nuclear deal

April 17, 2015 President Barack Obama takes virtually every opportunity to insist it is Republicans in Congress who are trying to torpedo what he insists is a reasonable plan to keep Iran from building nuclear... more »»

PSU settlements in Sandusky case needed to close book

April 16, 2015 The Penn State Board of Trustees last week authorized university officials to settle litigation related to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case, signifying one of the closing chapters in the... more »»

Congress needs to do more to change culture within VA

April 15, 2015 True public servants are frowned upon by some in the federal bureaucracy. Anyone daring to rock the boat by going public with evidence of malfeasance risks retaliation. more »»

Congress should remind Obama of limits of office

April 14, 2015 Apparently it has come to this: Some members of Congress believe they must stipulate by law that President Barack Obama must obey the law. more »»

Lawmakers need to demand Iran deal transparency

April 13, 2015 After U.S. and Iranian negotiators passed the “deadline” for agreement on a pact to restrict Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons, they kept talkin. more »»

Obama’s claims on climate change aren’t exactly true

April 11, 2015 It should come as no surprise that President Barack Obama persists in being untruthful about climate change. His record for veracity is abysmal. more »»

Pitt doing right thing by proactively improving Greek life on campus

April 10, 2015 Freshmen at the University of Pittsburgh will have to earn 12 credits before joining a fraternity or sorority, school officials announced last week. more »»

U.S. should provide support to those fighting rebels in Yemen

April 9, 2015 Across the Middle East, nations that for years took inactive roles against Islamic terrorists have been spurred to actio. more »»

National security should take precendent over political correctness

April 8, 2015 Try as we may, Americans cannot overcome biological realities. more »»

Pennsylvania needs to get with the times on online voter registration

April 7, 2015 Just because other states are doing something, Pennsylvania shouldn’t necessarily “jump in line” behind them. more »»

Congressional cuts not even skin deep

April 6, 2015 Of course, Congress should approve a measure to prevent steep cuts in amounts the Medicare program would pay health care providers. And of course President Barack Obama should sign it into law. more »»

California’s drought is not caused by climate change

April 4, 2015 Climate change has been blamed by some for all sorts of evils, including Islamic terrorists. more »»

Let’s work on original ‘green’ project: America’s national parks

April 3, 2015 When Americans want to impress foreign guests, we sometimes take them to national parks. more »»



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