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Why are those who were to be deported being granted citizenship?

September 28, 2016 Don’t worry, liberals ranging from Hillary Clinton to President Barack Obama assure us. The government can check all those immigrants from the Middle East to ensure none of them are terrorist. more »»

White House needs to stop refusing to recognize evil of Muslim terrorists

September 27, 2016 Islamic State terrorists have been guilty of atrocities truly worthy of the history books. They need not be detailed here, other than to note their viciousness has been broad as well as deep. more »»

Department of Veterans Affairs is a train wreck with no end in sight

September 26, 2016 Revelations of mismanagement, waste and outright criminal behavior at the Department of Veterans Affairs have become a regular thin. more »»

Something must be done to protect kids from gun violence, but what?

September 24, 2016 Thirteen-year-old children should not die of gunshot wounds. That is such a self-evident proposition that debating it would be absurd. more »»

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before jumping to conclusions

September 23, 2016 Old sayings become old sayings for a reason, because there’s at least some level of truth to them. more »»

Unless misbehavior by federal officials is punished, it will never stop

September 22, 2016 Even when egregious misbehavior occurs among federal officials, the punishment often is light or non-existent. So it will be with Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskine. more »»

No connection? Obama’s claims insult intelligence of Americans

September 21, 2016 Where there’s smoke, there’s ... Barack Obama. At least 29 people were wounded by a bomb in New York City on Saturday. Another bomb was found blocks away before it detonated. more »»

Clinton offers more of Obama’s same bad economic policy

September 20, 2016 Applications for unemployment benefits were up during the first week of September. Retail sales slumped in August. Manufacturing was down in many areas of the country. more »»

All involved in helping Clinton break the law need to be prosecuted

September 19, 2016 Most people do not worry about saying something that could incriminate them unless they have broken the law. more »»

Those who commit hate crimes are terrorists

September 17, 2016 As a nation, we Americans are a good, fair, compassionate people. Nearly all of our neighbors are that way. more »»

Clinton’s comments make her just like other ultra-liberals

September 16, 2016 Hillary Clinton made her feelings toward those who dare to disagree with her clear on Friday. more »»

America’s top priority has to be rebuilding its credibility

September 15, 2016 The loud yawn you may have heard Sunday came from across the Pacific Ocean, in Pyongyang, North Korea. more »»

Zika needs to be treated like the public health threat it truly is

September 14, 2016 Public health officials say more than 670 pregnant women in the United States have been diagnosed with the Zika virus. more »»

Eliminating use of ‘lone wolf’ attackers needs to be priority

September 13, 2016 It is no longer as easy as it was 15 years ago for terrorist groups to mount major assaults within the United States. more »»

Consumers need to be saved from outrageous costs of health care products

September 12, 2016 In both 2014 and last year, Mylan Pharmaceuticals made more than $1 billion on its EpiPen. more »»

9/11 revealed America’s true character

September 10, 2016 It’s long been said that adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. There has been, perhaps, no tougher day in American history than Sept. 11, 2001. more »»

Changes to VA need to be focused on ensuring veterans receive care

September 9, 2016 Members of Congress finally are showing some overdue concern about another outrage at the Department of Veterans Affairs. more »»

Government needs to take care of coal miners’ problems it caused

September 8, 2016 Coal miners understand taking responsibility for one’s actions. They also share a concern in watching out for one’s co-workers. more »»

Obama misplaces trust again, this time with China

September 7, 2016 Politics has made stranger bedfellows under President Barack Obama than at any other time during recent memory. more »»

Pushers selling deadly drugs know the dangers, therefore are violent criminals

September 6, 2016 First Huntington, West Virginia. Then Cincinnati, Ohio. Now Louisville, Kentucky. An epidemic that might be called the White Death is sweeping that region of the country. more »»



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