The Big Switch-er-roo


Just before the Pittsburgh Penguins take the ice for a game, the jumbotron flashes and the announcer shouts, “GET READY TO RUMBLE.” The excitement builds, the crowd screams and the players skate onto the ice, circling the rink in anticipation. Right now, the staff at the Mifflin County Library are GETTING READY. No, we aren’t going to play hockey or get into a fight. But, Dec. 6 and 7 the library will be closed as we will be working on The Big Switch-er-roo. I wonder if Sidney Crosby, the Pens captain, could be persuaded to help us? Probably not, but a girl can wish.

Why would we move 29,000 books in two days? Seventy-six percent of our circulation is adult fiction. Non-fiction checkouts have been consistently declining over the past five years. We simply have no more shelving space on the fiction side of the building, while we have empty shelves on the non-fiction side. We want to buy more fiction and can’t because we just don’t have the room. So, we are going to flip-flop the two collections.

Don’t panic. It will all turn out just fine and when the library reopens we will be available to assist you until you become familiar with the location changes. Non-fiction books will still be in Dewey order; fiction materials will still be alphabetical by author. Really truly, it will be better for you in the future. I promise!

So, imitating the Penguins announcer, “GET READY FOR THE BIG SWITCH-ER-ROO.”

While we are switch-er-rooing you might be wondering what to purchase for that person on your Christmas list who has everything. I’d like to suggest a contribution to the library in honor of the individual. For as little as $35 we will purchase a book for the collection and provide a name plate with the honoree and the donor. We also give you a certificate so you have a present to wrap for the person.

Perhaps you would like to make a gift to the library and purchase a magazine subscription. Come see the cost of various magazines on our tree in the vestibule.

If your financial adviser has suggested you make some charitable contributions by year’s end, we would be grateful if you’d consider the library as a charity of choice. Your donation is tax-deductible.

While I was writing this column I suddenly remembered a poem by Jack Prelutsky. It’s about presents. While you are considering gift giving options, please consider these words of great wisdom.

Auntie Flo

By Jack Prelutsky

Every year on Christmas there’s a gift from Auntie Flo, she’s sent me pairs of underwear for three years in a row.

The box is always beautiful, the bow is neatly tied, but I’m always disappointed when I see those shorts inside.

I wish she’d send a model plane, or even a big stuffed bear, I’d take a box of stones and rocks, but please! No underwear!


Molly S. Kinney is the director at the Mifflin County Library and she is so busy planning for the Big Switch-er-roo she’s forgotten what she is reading. If you want a good chuckle, check out these funny Christmas poems at