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With so many good books being released all the time, it can be hard to determine what to check out next. Every week, I offer a run-down of significant releases available here at the library.

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“Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday

The ego can have destructive effects on people. I have heard of people whose mentors transform before their eyes, from someone you aspired to be like to never wanting to be like that person. Egos don’t only exist in people of high achievement or celebrity; it is also quite common in the general population.

We also live in a culture that actively promotes constant self-promotion and grandiosity–all of it magnified by a thousand by social media. It is also hard not to think you’re the greatest if that is the message you’ve been hearing constantly from your parents since you were born. Combine these factors, and you see why we have a downright epidemic of ego.

It makes me sad when I see young people who refuse to take entry-level positions. But I went to college! I’m all for advocating for one self and striving to be better, but you likely will have to work your way up the ladder and not have an escalator to quickly bring you to the top.

The second you start gloating and letting success get to your head–that you’ve figured it all out–that’s precisely when you make some critical mistake or miscalculation. In that moment of self-satisfaction, learning grinds to a halt. If you think like a craftsman, become an eternal student, and adopt a beginner’s mindset, ego is suppressed and you can go on working and working.

Holiday explains in this book how ego separates us from reality–we start living in our heads. This sort of intoxication with positive feedback and success makes us forget that there are people in our field who are infinitely more successful than we are. Holiday mentioned that one of the best things about attending a TED event is how humbling it is to be in a room with all these people. It doesn’t take away what you’ve accomplished, but it puts things into perspective–it grounds you back to reality. You can find this book in the Adult Nonfiction section.


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Vince Giordano has been the director of the Juniata County Library since 2015.